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The November 15th deadline is rapidly approaching for you to take advantage of the credits being offered for non federal filers who are looking for some financial assistance with the Child Tax Credit laws that have been passed to help those who are in need of some support still after all we've been through over the last few years.  This is in no way free money and it's in no way a hand out, it's an advance on what is available to anyone and for those who have not filed federally in the past, for any number of reasons, getting the word out is paramount.


We've teamed up with the Community Foundation and Goodwill Industries of West Michigan to not only help spread the word about the available assistance that is absolutely FREE, but to show you how the people at Goodwill can help you navigate the steps it takes to secure this assistance and get it in your hands before Christmas.  The assistance is available after November 15th, but in order to get what you have coming in December, the time to act is right now.  We are talking about the potential for you to receive thousands in advance of the Child Tax Credit you would get in 2022 and even if you owe taxes, this credit can be applied toward that balance and the rest comes back to you. qrcode 1Click Here for the Child Tax Credit

We first talked to you about this program earlier this week.  We also asked the folks at Goodwill if they knew of anyone who would come in and talk about the process and how they have benefitted with the help of Goodwill.  Like you to meet Charlisa Henderson.  She's Big Red through and through and her time at MHS got her noticed for being a star athlete by WZZM when she was attending school there.  She's gone on to become a mom, and recently a grandma and like so many of us, knowing everything that's available to her and her family when it comes to benefits is a tangled web.  When you're raising kids who's got time to know the in's and out's of everything going on with this stuff?  Charlisa went in to Goodwill for a hand and in about 20 minutes, they found her a substantial amount of money and gave her and the family a little breathing room.  Take a listen to Charlisa and Amanda Kitchka who's with Goodwill and helped Charlisa out, again in about 20 minutes to find what was available to her.



See how easy that is? No one can possibly understand the avenues that are offered.  Taxes are intimidating and for those who are not required to file federally, knowing that funds are available to them is a relief that is desperately needed.  Let's get you in on it.  Scan the QR Code above and see the form for yourself.  If that's difficult for you, you'll find all the info you need in the pic below and it's linked to the site that can help you out.  Best part it, it won't cost you a penny.  It's awesome that in America, we find ways to help, and this is certainly a great way to do just that.  Call 231-722-7871 ext 8482 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Goodwill to get set up with an appointment. 

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