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After a year of "virtual" fundraising for The Hope Project in Muskegon, those behind the purpose of ending sex trafficking and helping those who have fallen victim to this modern day slavery were able to once again gather and join forces to learn, help and heal. In the video you will find interviews with local businesses owners and friends, as well as co-founder Jeff Martineau, finally ends with the 2021 impact videos with testimonials from sex trafficking survivors and vulnerable youths.

The event took place at the Trillium Event Center in Spring Lake and as the evening progressed and the tables filled it was with a sense of purpose that people were out.  While this has become one of the signature events of the Lakeshore area over the last 5 years, there were only a few areas that were scaled back a touch.  It sure wasn't the food or the entertainment or messaging.  There might have been one or two less raffles, maybe a few less silent auction items, but those accoutrements to any fundraiser are just a fun diversion anyway.  We're bouncing back from a pretty rough patch from both the perspective of the organization and those they have served.  Just the fact that it could be pulled off is a miracle in and or itself.

We have long partnered with The Hope Project to share their message as well as their commitment to those effected by trafficking.  We were on hand with Andy O and Gaberielle Butterfield to warm things up for the event and welcome some of the key sponsors as well as the founders of The Hope Project as the evening began.  It's a little different than the "Red Carpet Live" we've done in the past, but it's a great way to give some thanks to those who help as well as share the message of the evening with you, as our pre-show concludes with a survivor video we produced for The Hope Project that was premiered last night. Join us now as it happened at the Trillium on Saturday night!


To know trafficking is real, that's bad enough. To know it's going on right here, under our noses in our own communities.  The Hope Project will continue on in the fight and we will continue to help them share the knowledge and wisdom that they have for every one about this horrible subject and how you can know the signs and take action to help those effected.  As you may have heard in the video, any and all contributions you can help with are deeply appreciated and if you follow the link in the picture below, you can help them in their quest to help those who have fallen victim to human trafficking. We hope to see you at the event next year.

Learn more about the Hope Project and Donate here


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