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We all know that the one constant in life is that everything changes, right?  We do our level best to make sure that we take every path to help share the story that comes out of Muskegon as far and wide as we can, and social media is the best avenue we've got for that currently.  With that, and people's understandable fatigue on some of the social stuff and how the changes that continue on with their platforms, we're going to ask a favor.

We have a small email list.  We respect it highly.  We'd like that to grow and we'd like too to be able to reach you once weekly with the stories and news that we think set our community a part and help to further that idea of "We Have a New Story to Tell"

With that, we will never sell your email to anyone for any reason.  We'll keep our emails to once a week and we'll keep them clean and easy to navigate.  We employ no trickery like funnels or echo chambers and we will always strive to be the polar opposite of what others are doing in media, because you deserve better. 

The email look like this.  You can choose what you like to read and of course, if you forward it around, the word will spread.  If you click on the picture, it will take you to the registration for the weekly update.  No more, no less.  We thank you for being a part of The Muskegon Channel, Positively Muskegon and Channel 96.