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Today we get a chance to travel to the court room to visit the Honorable Judge Hoopes. Judge Ladas Hoopes is a mother of two wonderful daughters and a full time wife as well.


Let me take you back on how I first met Judge Hoopes. One day a young man had asked me to go to court with him and I agreed because he was going to school trying to finish his senior year and was playing football. I saw this young man trying to make a change.  As she began to read his folder on what all he had done, I started praying and asking God to please allow it in her heart to give this young man another chance. After praying I looked up and as I was lifting my head up she and I locked eyes.  

It was at that moment Judge Hoopes told that young man that he was lucky to have someone believes in him that much. Now remind you she and I have never spoke or anything before this day.  So she allowed that young man another opportunity to make better choices that day. Now I understand why Judge Hoopes made the decision to become judge. Not only does she able to treat others as she would want to be treated Judge Hoops is also able to give those who have not committed a crime to injure or harm others a second chance in life to make better choices. “Being a judge is far from holding a political position somewhere.”  Judge Hoopes says, that it is hard sometimes when 20 % of her cases are struggling beyond the poverty level to where they are homeless and no where to turn. She continues to say that the court can't offer any financial help but they do offer referrals to those that can like Community EnCompass. 

Judge Hoopes responded when asked what things does she take inconsideration when sentencing a youth. “Naturally the nature of the crime comes first.” “I look at a person's background as well. Judge Hoopes feels as though it's harder to sentence someone who hasn't been taught right from wrong verses someone who's been taught.  Judge Hoopes said if she could change any law it would be to allow the judges to forgive someone at least once without going through the prosecutor's office.


Her passion may not shine through that robe as she sits on the bench. You only may get to see this part of her when she’s sitting in settings like this one on one.
Judge Hoopes would like for our youth to dream big. Dream big and follow the right paths to get you there and understand that it takes awhile to get there We would like to thank Judge Hoopes for all that she does to help keep our community safe.