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With Thanksgiving coming up and the holidays in rapid succession after that, we had a chance to grab a little expertise from a local pet trainer Jodi Therrian of Dog Blessed LLC on pets and holiday safety around the house, we grabbed it.


Dog Blessed was formed by Jodi and Paula Smith when they both had "reactive" dogs.  Reactive?  Yes, dogs that are good dogs but the environment they are in might need to be a little more adapted to their personality.  As we talk in the interview today, there really is no "bad dog" or untrainable dogs.  There are however all kinds of personalities in dogs and understanding which is right for your living situation is key to making the joy of pet ownership all it can be.  Some of what a dog has known might be hard to manage around young kids, and others might not be very well suited for retirees.  That "perfect match" is probably not 100% possible, but with education and devotion it can sure be 99.99% there and so much more rewarding than a relationship that revolves around nothing more than "BAD DOG" and "NO".  Like most anything, you get out what you put in, and that carries over into pets. 

While we can't offer a training course over a quick story here, but we can talk about some of the holiday do's and don'ts for your pet around the house when it comes to the gatherings and the indulgences that might be tempting for your pet.  Jodi says that the proteins are generally ok, however there are some limits to know as far as fat content as well as the age of your dog.  There are also some key things to think about when things are going on around the house.  Things like "where's the garbage can" and "what can be reached on the counter" and who might not understand what's ok and what's not for your pet.

Jodi Therrian joined us today with a little help from her firecracker friend "Olaf" in tow to help share some of the info that goes into a healthy pet and a happy holiday season with them, take a listen.


We hope it's a safe and enjoyable holiday for you and yours along with the furry ones that make life complete for so many. Dog Blessed offers the training and even first aid classes for pet owners that Jodi Spoke of and if you'd like to know more you can follow the link to their website below.

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