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It's our weekly update in COVID-19 in Muskegon County with Public Health Director Kathy Moore 11-24-21.

Quite sadly, the numbers of this surge have surpassed April and we are once again experiencing a serious strain on the systems that treat and care for those who need medical attention. Kathy speaks to staffing at Public Health and how things have changed since all of this began, it’s no different there than anywhere. We walk you through the data sets that show you the infection rate, the hospitalizations, the transmission rate and morbidity. There are expected guidelines to come from the Michigan Dept of Health and Human Services soon and while the green light is on for family gatherings this holiday season, being in large groups is not recommended and getting back in to practice of wearing a mask, hand sanitization and social distancing is strongly recommended.


For up to date info you can always visit the Muskegon County Public Health Website linked below.

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