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It's going to be a year of joy inside the epic surroundings on the Frauenthal Theater in Muskegon.  The Mona Shores Choir returns to America's Tallest Singing Christmas Tree for their stunning performances the week of December 4th , 2021 and the final show of the season  at 7:00 PM Easten Time will be streamed world wide live on The Muskegon Channel! Watch it on with any internet enabled devices.

 We'll rewind you a bit.  We began our showings of the true community treasure of the Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree in 2018 by showing it live via our stream.  Honestly, we were swinging for the fences when we should have been trying to still hit a single if we were to put things in baseball terms, but the Choir Association and Choir Director Shawn Lawton rolled the dice and let us give it a shot.  We placed the cameras, ran the wires and went to every practice, every show up till the last one and knew it pretty much front to back.  Then the lights went down on the live show and we had NO idea what was to come next.  THOUSANDS were watching.  Every continent on earth at some point tuned in.  We were hearing from people driving through the S-Curve in Grand Rapids as well as the friends and family of a former exchange student from Germany who put it on a projector at the Civic Center in their town to watch it live there.  We were excited, proud and overwhelmed.  We upped our game in 2019 and all stopped.  By all, we need not remind you how broad the scope of that is.  We worked on some fill in programming with the Choir, we helped put together a retrospective and we helped them hold their ground best we could.  Nothing compares to their moment in the Tree however because the work begins in middle school for these young people and the pay-off is their spot. Social media Singing Christmas Tree 1Donate to The Mona Shores Choir Here

This year, the tickets didn't sell out in the flash they normally do, but they will.  There are some single seats here and there for some shows and the Mona Shores Choir Association is politely asking everyone who attends to wear a mask.  They have added some extra shows earlier in the week to help with the spacing of the attendees and in as much as there's no experience like seeing America's Tallest Singing Christmas Tree live and in person, the Choir and the Choir Association have come to see the live stream as well as the replays thereafter as a community outreach to share that joy with not just our area, but literally, the world from our tiny spot on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Cavan Berry is the President of the Mona Shores Choir Association and we sat down in the subtle surroundings of the Frau lobby when not much of anything was going on to hear a little more about this years show, talk about what tickets are left and how everyone involved sees this as a gift to give to so many through the modern ways of broadcast.  We also are introducing a donation request that we at the Muskegon Channel are behind to help support this incredible production and those who make it happen.  After all, for the splendid sites you'll see, these are kids and it's on us to make sure that we help them when we can.  Every penny collected through the Go Fund Me Page here will go directly to the choir for their future projects.  Please give generously.



If you're coming to the show, the ask is simple. Please wear a mask. If you're going to be watching it from near or far, we hope that while we were working on the "adaptive presentations" the last couple of years held you over as it did us.  It's time to shine again and December 4th we are so proud to once again bring you The Mona Shores Choir Singing Christmas Tree Live on The Muskegon Channel.  From our site, you can watch on any size screen and enjoy the show in high def and amazing stereo sound.  We can't wait to get going on it! Click here for the last remaining tickets from the Frauenthal Center.