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We got a little behind in the month of November when it comes the charitable things...hey, Thanksgiving crept up quick and there and of course the weekend followed and well, time ran out.  BUT!  We're flashing back to November quick to highlight one incredible organization and bless the cause with some financial aid from Scherdel and Attorney Shon Cook! 


The Hope Project in in Muskegon and works to help the victims sex trafficking once they are away from their trafficker and they to help them past the aftermath of this scourge that is described best, as modern day slavery.  You may think that trafficking is what you see in the movies, where there's a snatch and grab and the victim is sent to some far away land to be traded on the open market.  You are correct, but there's also another side to trafficking that's much darker and is happening right here, and right now. 

Trafficking often comes in the form of someone forced to perform sex for rent or a debt.  It can also be done to sustain a drug habit or maybe a friend or family member just flat out takes advantage of a need in someone for their own financial gain.  It's a horrible crime and the damage lasts a lifetime.  The Hope Project works to help rebuild the victims and educate the public on what the reality of trafficking is and how it happens.  Counseling, advocacy, assistance with food, shelter, clothing and a new beginning are all the work and when the goal is met, the change and renewed life is beyond measure.  It's incredible work done by warriors who face the worst of what life can offer coming in to a situation, and in the end, the hope is that a tragedy becomes a triumph.

Rita Caviness is with The Hope Project in Muskegon and she was able to take a few minutes today to talk about the program and of course Attorney Shon Cook and Kenneth Robison from Scherdel joined us too.  Take a listen. 


So went November. Hey, better late then never.  We at the Muskegon Channel have had a long standing relationship with The Hope Project and one thing that's awesome about the Step it Up program, we have no say in who gets picked for the gift every month.  Scherdel chose The Hope Project so that means awareness is growing and that is the key to what we do and why we do it!  You may have seen the happiness in the face of Andy in the video, it's because of the growth of awareness and purpose.  This is what media should be doing and we're going to keep doing it! 

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