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The Holiday Season is a time for warm and friendly gatherings and with Downtown Muskegon a glow with the recent work of so many, getting people Downtown to see it and support The Arc Muskegon is what is happening at Burl and Sprig this Friday December 10th at 6:30.

From The Arc Muskegon's website - "In 1952, a group of concerned families and their friends formed an organization they called, “Family and Friends of the Mentally Retarded”. In 1953 they joined the National Association for Retarded Children, then Citizens, and became a local chapter. This movement grew and is now known as The Arc, no longer an acronym by eliminating the word “Retarded”. The Arc Muskegon continues to be proudly affiliated with the state and national organization. There are 780 local chapters, with 30 of them in the state of Michigan."  While striving to make sure those with developmental disabilities are given every chance to live the same independent life we all are with assistance when needed, The Arc might have the most widely recognized name in town, but their work is a life changer for those they serve and to have been around for nearly 70 years speaks volumes to their dedication and compassion.  It's an honor to help share their message. 

Burl and Spring has become a staple Downtown Muskegon.  Their hand crafted distilled spirits and premium cocktails draw connoisseurs in from all over and the menu has grown extensively since their move to 2nd Street right off Western.  Let's add in their HUGE commitment to activity both indoor and out in Downtown Muskegon with live music events in the summer and into the late, late fall and now that things have moved "indoors" the warmth and charm of the dining room, the entertainment and we're keeping a very close on on what's being lovingly referred to as the "sand box" across the street.  Something tells me that Burl and Sprig won't be letting that sit idle all winter.

This Friday however, The Arc will be at Burl and Sprig for Cocktails and Candy Canes!  A fundraiser to help those the Arc serves.  Amazing food, signature drinks, items for purchase like wreaths for the house or items to bid on that are unique and fun and some are so one of a kind any Muskegon collector should be there.  The event will begin with a happy hour and live music and at 6:30 the auction begins with the hope of assuring that some much needed financial help comes in.

We met up with Allison Revell of The Arc and Krystina Shaw from Burl and Sprig to get the 4-1-1 on Friday, take a listen.


It's going to be a fun night. If you're looking for a reason to go out, here it is.  If you'd like to help but heading out isn't quite within your comfort zone, that's cool too.  You'll be able to find a link to DONATE TO THE Arc here and of course, Burl and Sprig would be happy to make you an order to go.  It all comes down to making sure that everyone in our community is supported the best way we can.  The Arc takes care of amazingly good people who love without any expectation of return and to help get behind their push is an incredible honor for us.  Learn more about the Arc by clicking on their logo below and of course, check out Burl and Sprigs menu and amazing drink selection by using their link.