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We've come to December and in a year that no one really thought we'd still be doing all we can to help those in need get by, we are still working to find a small way to make an impact thanks to our incredibly generous sponsors in Attorney Shon Cook and Scherdel Sales and Technology of Muskegon.  We've managed to give $11,000 so far to our local charitable organizations, and here in December, we're going to make it an even $12,000 with one last drop in the Red Kettle.


We have Shon or Scherdel pick who's going to be the beneficiary month to month, Shon had December and her pick was The Salvation Army of Muskegon.  We're no stranger to the work that goes on with The Salvation Army locally.  From "Donut Day" to the "Red Kettle Campaign".  The "Turkey Trot" to the food trucks that have popped up through their giving here in Muskegon over the last couple of years, the work they do is endless.  It's a large role they fill when it comes to meeting the needs of so very many here in town, and across the nation with their work.  

For some of us, hearing those bells at Christmas was our first lesson in giving.  Thinking back, being given a few pennies or pocket change by a parent as you walked into the store or the mall was a big moment.  You were on stage and you had the chance to make a difference for the first time in your life.  As you walked up, dropped in the change and heard "Merry Christmas" from a perfect stranger ringing a bell, it was that moment that cemented in most minds that doing something for someone who you will never know, or might never be able to repay you was a pretty good thing.  It was, and, it still is.

We met up with Lorri Dean from The Salvation Army in Muskegon to make this months presentation.  Shon was unable to make it due to a power outage but Kenneth Robison from Scherdel Sales and Technology joins and we make the last drop into the Red Kettle for 2021 with $1000 toward the work that goes on with The Salvation Army.  Take a listen. 


As we wrap up this year of giving from Shon and Scherdel, we'd like to say thank you to Shon who had the idea to begin with. It was her generosity and grace that got this ball rolling. Scherdel saw the opportunity to engage with Muskegon in an amazing way to help build some name recognition as well as recruit some new employees!  Yes, Scherdel is a world-wide company with a location right here in Muskegon and they are on the hunt for incredible people who's talents can grow with Scherdel!  We'd also like to thank all of the organization that took the time to come on and share a little of their story with us and in their gracious acceptance of the gifts we were able to provide, we hop that they were able to put to use these funds.  We're full steam ahead in 2022 for the Step it Up program to continue!  See you in January. 

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