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It’s our weekly update with Public Health Muskegon County Director Kathy Moore.

We begin by discussing the powers of her position when it comes to mandates and orders. We talk briefly too about operating like she does in such a highly charged environment politically. Andy shares some thoughts on why it’s so heated. On to the charts. Muskegon’s numbers ticked up slightly, but brace yourself for the national surge that will see us soon. The 3 week evolution of the national map. Guidelines for Omicron are changing, Kathy believes we still need to follow precautions for Delta here. Breakthrough cases, demographics, losses and vaccination updates. Final word from Kathy. Layered protection. Vaccination, social distancing, avoid large groups, hand sanitization. 


To get the most recent data from the Public Health Muskegon County Office, click on their logo below.

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