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It's a $400 shot in the arm that's coming because of a change in insurance a couple of years ago that no one was really sure about and that everyone wondered if it was the right thing to so.  Since then, there's been endless click bait from any number of information sources as to when and how people can get their hands on that $400 bucks per vehicle insured at a certain time, and Jason Ryan from State Farm Insurance is here today to lay it all out.


It's a refund from the pool of money in Michigan that's in place to cover catastrophic claims in the auto insurance world.  There's an abundance of cash in it leading to the ability to provide a refund, however, even with the refund, there's still more than enough money in the fund to take care of what's anticipated to be needed.  Michigan is unique in this issue, other states offer different models in insurance coverage and until that reform came along in 2019, we paid more than just about anyone in the country for insurance too.  While the rates may have gone down some, depending on how you elected your coverage, collectively it's freed up enough money to send a refund to driver. FAQ LogoMichigan FAQ Page About Refunds

This spills over into some other modes of transportation as well.  It's also got some parts that Jason can explain so much better!  He's the pro and that's what we rely on his expertise for here!  Jason is full of incredibly valuable info on this subject and offers not only who's getting the refund, but where and when to expect it, how it's all going to be paid and by who and some other questions you might not have even thought of, take a listen. 






Incredibly useful info and hey, to add in the mention about how Jason Ryan State Farm will give you tickets for a quote to see the Muskegon much fun is that? Just request a quote from Jason Ryan State Farm and BOOM! It's game time.

We're so thankful for the sponsorship Jason Ryan State Farm provides for our work and he's my personal agent life insurance too.  Jason is located on Holton Road in North Muskegon, just off US 31 and he's easily reached by clicking on the banner below or calling 231-744-5355 to learn more about the refund or those hot tickets to see the Risers!

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