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Jason Ryan State Farm is a valued sponsor of our work and we're thankful when he drops by to share a little insight on his field.  It can be complicated to understand all of what goes on in the insurance world, and to get someone to boil it down to an understandable level, it's priceless.

 This week, Jason is discussing something most everyone has on their mind and that's how the cost of insurance fluctuates.  There are some of the obvious reasons why you can see a change in what you pay for insurance, especially automobile insurance.  Things like a new driver coming on the policy, maybe an added vehicle or a vehicle that's stored for the winter.  Get a ticket?  You know what happens there.  There are factors too like what area you live in and what that particular area is rated for when it comes to things like petty crimes and traffic volume.  Last Summer, Andy moved to Twin Lake from Roosevelt Park and saw an auto insurance increase do to the factors that were calculated in.  Those are the common things, but think a little deeper too and you'll find that the fluctuation isn't willy nilly, there's a lot more that goes in to it.

A fender bender on your first car probably meant some dented chrome.  Today, a fender bender is damaged plastic that has to be bought, painted, refilled with all of the sensors that were in it before, then they have to fix what's under the plastic and get it back to showroom new.  So, there's that.  Next, let's think about the supply chain.  Yes, it's a factor and getting the parts that are needed is taking up to a month or more in some cases.  It's a lot of things that are not often thought of that go into the factors that move prices, and no, no one is ever excited if they go up.

There are some ways to find discounts.  There are also some key factors to think about that Jason addresses directly in our conversation this week so take a listen and understand a little more about auto insurance prices from Jason Ryan State Farm. 


It's a great give to have a sponsor share the scoop on the "what and why" of their field to make it more understandable to the laymen.  It's never anything someone wants to see, an increase in what they "have to have" but in the event that you need it, Jason Ryan likes to make sure that people are informed, understand and are assisted the best they can be.  He's also got the opportunity for you to score those tickets to see the Muskegon Risers just for letting him give you a quote on insurance.  No hype, no commitment, just a quote!  You can call Jason's office at 231-744-5355.  You can find the link to email and visit Jason online below!  Are you super traditional?  Stop into his office on M-120 just off 31.  The address is 2485 Holton Road.

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