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One of our greatest treasures in Muskegon is the Hackley Public Library!  The ornate building and the historical significance that's held on the corner it sits reflects the deep history of our community, major philanthropic efforts that have provided generation after generation of information, entertainment and a place to gather.  It's a landmark that many other communities, regardless of size have a hard time duplicating the significance of.

As the library has grown and evolved it's become so much more than books.  It's also taken a lot more than just library cards and late fees to keep the place in the amazing shape it's in and the updated resources that have changed with the times as well as the need to preserve what's historic.  The Friends of the Hackley Library has been a driving force in making sure that additional funding for all of the extras has been there.  They like so many others have had to figure out ways to make things work through the last couple years with the pandemic and all, but like so many others here in Muskegon, we are incredibly fortunate to have a group of dedicated people making sure that not only is our history preserved, but our future is met with what's necessary.

The Friends Hackley Public Library was founded in 1973 to support the library to "stimulate interest in reading and literacy, help promote the Library's services, and enhance the cultural life of the Muskegon, Michigan".  They are involved in fundraising to support the library with technology, renovations, acquisitions and more.  They help take care of the ornate stained glass, youth services are paramount and it's all 100% volunteer.  Their key fundraiser every year is The Bling Thing where they collect all kinds of jewelry as donations and put it up for sale to benefit their work at the library.  Their goal, annually is $20,000 and even in the midst of all we've been through the last few years, they have yet to miss the mark.

This year, The Bling Thing is happening at The Greater Muskegon Women's Club, which by the way carries a little historical significance in and of itself and it's happening on Feb 4th and 5th.  The 4th there's an exclusive event to kick it off and on the 5th, you'll find a deep discount sale after a certain point to help move what's left.  The kick off event includes first access to the really good stuff along with wine and chocolate, and the deep discounts a little later the next day are awesome for crafters and those who might be looking for the absolute steals. 

Barb Klingenmaier is a member of the "Friends" and while it's fun to kid her about her "stomping her foot, and I come running", she's an amazing gal who's passion for the library and this project is second to none.  Take a listen and get the 4-1-1 on The Bling Thing.


It's a chance to grab some cool bling and benefit a tremendous cause, and who knows?  You might even find your way into a new group to be a part of with the Friends Of Hackley Public Library or The Greater Muskegon Women's Club.  If you'd like to visit the Friends online, you'll find them linked below.  Our many thanks to Barb and all of her dedicated friends that keep this gigantic community treasure one step ahead with all of their work.

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