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Kathy Moore is the Director of Public Health Muskegon County and she’s here with this week’s update on COVID 19 in Muskegon County.

Kathy begins by reminding us that what’s seen on the news isn’t often reflective of Muskegon County and that the local reality is often a different story. We are into the slides quick to talk about the data. Numbers are down, but not below any numbers since the beginning of the pandemic. We may have peaked mid-January, but we are unsure. The entire country is in WIDESPREAD community transmission. Our local positivity rates are 10x what is considered acceptable. What we knew 2 years ago, is no longer applicable because as Kathy explains it, “we’re trying to build a bridge as we cross it”. Updated school guidance News about testing, test kits, and where to get them, and not and the discontinuation of county contract tracing due to the 5000+ that are confirmed lab tested positive. The focus has to be on congregate living centers and it’s shifting to being on individuals to talk to their close contacts if they find themselves positive with COVID 19. Please continue to practice all layered safety measures. Masks, distancing, hygiene and vaccination if your Dr. says is the best for you.


To access more information, please visit the Public Health Muskegon County website or Mask Up Muskegon Website both are linked below.

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