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It’s the weekly update from Public Health - Muskegon County Director Kathy Moore on COVID in Muskegon County.


We start off with some questions that have been hears recently, like are other viruses effecting us still like influenza and other common problems. Our numbers continue to trend downward which is good, but worldwide, the transmission rate is still off the charts and while the Omicron effects seem to be not as harsh, basic cautionary measures are still paramount. We talk about return visits for other medical necessities and Andy shares how it’s been for him on some outpatient experiences at Mercy Hospital. Our death count, and where Kathy thought it would be compared to where it is. What to do now if you are COVID positive with masks and quarantining and where to find free test kits. masks and more. Learn about the free KN95 masks available to Muskegon County here.


If you need links to find any of the help we talked about or where to find testing, vaccinations and more information on prevention, please follow the links below to the Public Health Muskegon County website or Mask Up Muskegon.

mkg county public health



mask up