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Hey!  Better a couple week late than never right?  With some patience comes good things and what got rolling in 2021 with Step It Up Muskegon between Attorney Shon Cook and Scherdel Sales and Technology is something that just had to continue!  We began last year in the spirit of giving some of our area's 501c3 organizations a little hand financially, but more over a lot of exposure for the work they do to help those who are in need in Muskegon.  $12,000 bucks went out and organizations were able to benefit two ways.  It's a great way to help foster some great work as well as help people know some of the truly good things that happen here in Muskegon.

A little late in 2022?  Well, yes, but it's because some shifting went on as it does and our dear friend Kenneth Robison from Scherdel decided to head back to school for a higher degree and it's taken a little time for Nancy Rath to settle in, get to know us a little and get her feet planted.  Nancy is the HR manager at Scherdel and they are still looking for AMAZING employees who are in search of a career with a global leader in technology but based right here in Muskegon.  We welcome Nancy and are thankful both Scherdel and Shon see the value in what we do!

Now, on to the January recipient of the funding and exposure.  Kids Belong is a local group that is dedicated to kids in foster care.  From their website - " We do that by helping to reach out to new families about foster care, and by supporting the local families who are already meeting the need.  Between Ottawa and Muskegon counties, there are over 600 kids in the foster care system, and we know firsthand that there are not enough homes to handle all the kids who come into care."  We featured Jeff Steele from Kids Belong on POSITIVELY MUSKEGON a week or so ago out at their new house just a block or so away from MCC and Baker College where the Steele Family lives with their 13 kids and plans expanding their home to help those in the foster care system who age out and need to begin to learn "adulting" with things like building a rental history, learning to budget, cook, clean and do all the things that grown up's have to do, and are generally taught in the normal family setting.  Unfortunately, by the time they age out of foster care, they have probably had little or no exposure to the "normal family setting".  The work going on with Kids Belong also provides coaching for potential foster parents, clothing banks for kids who are in the foster system and advocacy for those who work to help.

We pulled our panel together for the first time in 2022 to make our presentation and learn a little more.  You can also do a little deeper dive by clicking on the Positively Muskegon highlighted above!


As a community, taking care of our most vulnerable defines who we are.  If they are aged or if they are young with nowhere to turn, somehow, some way, we find a way to make sure that the needs are met.  It might be in a larger scale operation like Kids Belong, or it could be in just assisting them in the work they do to help.  We're so pleased to present the $1000 to them today, and we encourage you to learn more about the organization.  Maybe help with a donation of clothing for one of their closets, if you are able, maybe a little financial help or if you feel the calling, see if the role of being a foster parent is right for you.  You can learn more by clicking on the Kids Belong logo below.

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