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So we've had a couple weeks to get you familiar with our latest addition to the Muskegon Channel, "Dog Blessed" with Jodi Jarvis-Therrian.  Jodi is an exceptional lover of dogs and carries the name of her training work over to the program here.  She and Paula Smith operate Dog Blessed so people and pets can live their best lives together and the programs here are a great way to get some first steps into helping your dog in a positive and rewarding way to display the kind of behavior you expect, and the same for the dog to understand you as an owner.  A little learning goes a long way for both ends.

 Jodi is pretty connected in the pet world in West Michigan.  She's spends a lot of time working with shelters to help assure funds for programs that need a hand.  She also knows some of the movers and shakers in the premium pet service business and they came alone with her to be a part of the show, so the very least we can do is make an introduction.

Must Love Dogs is located at 106 Washington in Grand Haven and it's operated by Tonya Christiansen.  For over 15 years she's been in business to help your dog or cat live their best lives through the most healthy food, incredible treats, amazing products to help them stay occupied and certified experts in helping your pet's health through proper diet and nutrition.  As you'll hear in Tonya's visit today, a lot of pet food stores "self certify" that they are experts in pet nutrition, however at Must Love Dogs it's a comprehensive amount of training and follow up that keeps their knowledge front and center.  You're not dealing with someone with "a good guess" if you are shopping at Must Love Dogs.

Here's the really exciting part.  Tonya is a local innovator.  When she began all those years ago, the idea of a store like this was in "New York and LA".  She started off in a much smaller space, leaving the traditional working world behind to get after a dream and in time, she's grown to her current store front, with the heated sidewalks out in front that make it a pleasure for you and your BFF on a leash to stop in and stroll the aisles in comfort for both feet and paws and you can see for yourself what a difference it makes working with a small, local pet shop who's primary focus is the happiness and health of your pet, assuring if that is met, you'll be back for more.  Meet Tonya and learn a little more about Must Love Dogs.


Wht an enjoyable visit with a surprise cameo at the end from Talco who was muggin after his "snack guard" was taken off.  It's always an exciting time for us to launch a new program and it's exciting too that local sponsors come on board to help out.  Must Love Dogs is located at 106 Washington in Grand Haven and while they don't offer an online shopping element, they offer so much more.  They offer friendly service, expert advice and of course the chance to stop in and share the time with other dog and cat lovers who are out to help their pet's live their best lives!  You can visit Must Love Dogs online be clicking below!  We welcome Tonya and staff with much gratitude and hope you stay tuned for Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.  Visit for more information.

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