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March 2nd, 2022 - It’s our FINAL UPDATE with Public Health Muskegon County Director Kathy Moore on COVID-19 as we have done them for the last couple of years.

With the numbers as low as they are and the shifting of managing this pandemic which is being redefined as an endemic it’s time for one last look at the usual data, a couple of weeks pause and a much needed moment of recognition to those who have persisted. We share the normal data and discuss how hard this has been due to the unknown combined with the urgency. We talk a little about how this message will change in a few weeks knowing that COVID-19 is still very real and that personal choice and responsibility will be key in the future. The pressure is coming down and as better understanding of CDC and MDHHS messaging is clearer, we’ll see you in a few weeks with a much less urgent message. Our most humble and heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s followed these updates, to those who have helped tirelessly behind the scenes and to Kathy Moore who’s community stewardship and leadership in the face of the unimaginable has been nothing short of remarkable.


For future up to date details on COVID-19 in Muskegon County, you can visit Public Health Muskegon County's website or Mask Up Muskegon's website