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Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day. I thought that maybe it would be a great time for a thought or two about our team and the women who help drive who we are and shape the work we do.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have found women who are willing to take a risk. They are willing to go WAY out of their comfort zone and try things they have never done like getting in front of a camera, telling a story, being coached on how to be better and learning that all of what we do comes with a learning curve that people might see, but improves time and time again when they keep on doing what they do to help share the story of Muskegon or, what drives them to make their part of or corner of the world a better place to be.

We have experts in their fields. We have those who are just starting out. We have points of view that are important and valid and we also have a wide range or personality and backgrounds. These women bring drive, ambition and refusal to accept that anything holds them back. Some you see weekly. Some you see a few times a month. Some are behind a camera or producing video.  All that you see bring us to a new level and help make us better every day.
Of course too, we have women who don’t get much camera time but without whose belief and willingness to let everyone be the very best of themselves, none of this would have ever happened. Yes, admitting the backbone of all of this is the one who stands behind the guy typing isn’t a problem.

To the women of the Muskegon Channel and the women everywhere today. Thank you. We’d be nowhere without ya!

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