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This week we continue to showcase professional women who are making a difference in Muskegon. Shon Cook Law is a unique law firm focused on the individual client and the best resolution of every case.

Shon Cook started practicing law many moons ago, nearly 20 years now. She began her practice in the worldly city of Grand Rapids in 1994 and then moved back to the Lakeshore by 1995. Over the years, Shon has handled cases in business litigation, criminal defense, and other civil cases. However, for the last ten years, Shon now focuses her practice on family law and all the issues that put families into crisis and in the courtroom.

Shon is a different kind of attorney. Shon talks with her clients, not at them. She listens to the issues, and she looks for solutions, not just ways to add to the bill. Shon is practical, down to earth and very straight forward. She has a good sense of humor and genuinely cares about the outcome of a person’s case and the final impact on someone’s life that the issues have. Yep, that is different and that is Shon.

Shon chose that specific logo, because she thinks that the law is very powerful. Shon has always been known for her strong presence in the courtroom and her ability to make a difference for her clients. Shon knows that many attorneys use the law to manipulate and trick other people, even the Judges at times. Shon believes strongly that the law can be used to achieve good results for good people.  If you are ever in the need of a good family lawyer, This is your girl!!