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Muskegon is very fortunate in the fact that we've got a base of veterans' that call our community home and we're rarely in short supply of people who find ways to support them through actions large and small.  It might be a personal connection to those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice or maybe it's just the kind of blue collar "get 'er done" kind of town we are, but we're never too far away from finding the next way to help a vet.


There's a new event coming to offer some assistance and a chance to reach a hand out to help our area vets.  April 12th at the very beautiful new Barclay Place Event Center just off Sherman in Muskegon from 11a-3p those who offer assistance to vets and their families will be on hand for you to learn a little more about what kind of assistance is out there and who can help with the easiest path to accessibility to it.  Health care, financial assistance, some options for exercise and life improvements will be on hand as will representatives from AgeWell Services in Muskegon so they can help share their vast knowledge and expertise for out vet's getting on in years.  

Terri Jo Parker is behind this first year event.  Terri reached out to see if we'd help spread the word.  We'd met at another vet's function, but I couldn't remember where, she straightened that right out and even though it's been a minute since we've seen each other, it's so good to see that those who help vets don't let up.  As it's once again getting safer to be in groups, take a listen to Terri and if you'd like to be a part of the event as a vendor, you can reach her at 231-571-6100.


There's no website yet. It's a first year event. Let's support our vets by sharing this story and helping spread the word. Like so many incredible things we've been at the ground floor for, we'll see it start off small and then grow into another staple event where we can gather for a purpose, help a cause and do the right thing by helping so many who came before us and paid it forward.

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