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Arbor Circle is celebrating their 25th Anniversary of serving people in West Michigan who are in need of help when it comes to some of life's areas that in the past, well, they might not have been so boldly spoken about or even at times that "family secret" that just went unmentioned. 


Yes, there was a time when addiction, mental health and things like needed mentoring on parenting, runaway's prevention and recovery were all taboo.  Today, and every day we've worked to not only de-stigmatize those relic ideas of the past, but lead people to an understanding of the idea that not only is it ok to ask for help, but when you do there's a world of possibility that opens up not only for the life of the person asking, but for the entire circle around them.  We live in a world today that no one ever planned on when it comes to stress, anxiety, unexpected circumstances and influences.  The idea of saying "I need help" is not only the first step to fixing it for a person, it's a step for an entire community.  To find those that can offer the help, that's where we come in and are proud to help introduce Arbor Circle. arbor circleClick Here to RSVP to the Arbor Circle Event

Maybe it's time for counselling services for you or a loved one.  Get it.  I am proof that life's promises are 10 fold what I dreamed because of my time with a counsellor past my days as a practicing alcoholic.  Maybe it's time for a group therapy session where a family can be open and honest with each other in an environment facilitated by a highly qualified professional who can offer guidance toward a better future.  Do your kids need a hand coping?  How about the foster care and adoption system?  Is it right for you and where are the helpers?  Arbor Circle hopes to answer those questions and more on April 12th at Pigeon Hill Brewery just off Seaway Drive.

The event which I have been honored to be a host for gets underway at 5:30p.  It's a casual affair where you can stop in and meet some of the staff and people who work day in and day out in programs at Arbor Circle and you can see how they help work to heal and bridge gaps.  It's not meant to be an overly pressure filled or a place to host an intervention.  This is an informative setting so you can get to know those who are extending a hand to help, and have been in West Michigan for 25 years. 

Taylor Greenfield and Janelle Hill joined me today to talk about the gathering as well as the services offered by Arbor Circle.  I too, do my very best to help explain just how important all of this is in the face of recovery.  It will be 19 years without a drop of alcohol for me, and a part of that gift of sober living is to be willing to give that away freely to anyone who wants it.  Wanting it, and taking the proper steps to get it are essential.  Arbor Circle can help.


If any of this struck you, may I offer a thought?  You may feel that if you or a family member is having a struggle with mental health or an addiction that there's some kind of shame attached.  There is not.  Not for a second.  The ability to just get to the point of saying "Help" is all it takes.  Help and a willingness to be willing to change.  Life is hard.  It's even harder when you are trying to manage by second guessing, self medication, repetitive behavior that results in the same failed outcome and more.  Come and learn what Arbor Circle offers in over 50 programs and services for children, youth, families, and adults who need supportive resources during tough times.  It's free to attend and it could very well be the first step to a life of freedom you never even imagined.  I'll look forward to seeing you there. 

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