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Spring has traditionally been a time to rally the troops and head to the Culinary Institute of Michigan to enjoy the surroundings and help Every Woman's Place out with the Cheers and Chocolate event!  As things have evolved over the last couple years of what we've dealt with, that "gathering" had to be reimagined as the surroundings of the school were a little confined for what we had to deal with for gatherings and social distancing and all that.  So to incorporate a little wider footprint and give some other area business a chance to be a part of the fundraising and participation, the Cheers Community Crawl was born!


Taking place over the entire month of April, the Cheers Community Crawl gives area business a chance to show their support of EWP and the work they do to help stop domestic abuse and sexual violence in our community.  There are a number of ways you can participate either by visiting any of the participating establishments or, by some of the events that are planned throughout the month.  The goal this year is to raise $50,000 for a special unit for survivors of sexual assault so they can be seen after the unthinkable has happened in a private setting, with people who truly understand what's happened to them and that they can begin the process of reporting the occurrence to the police in as much of a dignified way as possible and then have the space to decompress and heal.  It's a place that no one can imagine until they have been in it.

Saturday, April 2nd was the kick off to the month long event.  We work hand in hand with Every Woman's Place because of their mission and their purpose to help protect those who are most vulnerable in our community.  Take a look at the kick off and then be a part of the Cheers Community Crawl in some way.  


It's work that we'd all like to not have to have done. If tomorrow came and there was no need for Every Woman's Place, we'd all be better off.  We know however that the end of domestic violence is no where near a reality and the work of Every Woman's Place will have to continue.  To learn more about the event and how you can participate, click below.  

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