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April 22nd the return of one of the most fun "fun"draisers in the area and the purpose behind it is to help an organization founded in 1904 to address the need for young people who lack a parent in their life.  Big Brothers, Big Sisters was maybe the earlies adapter to the idea that having a positive influence in the life of a child who may not have a parent, be it a mother of a father in the household would miss out on a lot of things that the traditional family has.  Not that a perfectly good child can't be raised by a single parent, but often like any issue, another set of eyeballs and a different perspective can't hurt.  For the parent too, a steady hand and a chance for their young person to experience some of what life has to offer outside the day to day home life.  We all have experiences that younger people can learn from, it's in the sharing of them that we strengthen the future. 


With the last couple of years what they were, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lakeshore has had to work like any of us to make it all happen.  From adapting to ways to help Big's and Little's stay in touch through the shut down to finding ways to raise funds the necessity to maintain the work has been key while keeping the resources coming in to fund the programs.  As the pandemic went up and down in severity, some of the events that they held were able to happen, the Golf for Kids Sake was a great outdoor outing, and they did have an indoor fundraiser when the numbers were low.  The one EVERYONE loves did have the plug pulled for 2 years, but NO MORE!  Bowl for Kids Sake is back on April 22nd at Northway Lanes!

There's still room for 10 teams and if you don't have a complete team, don't go worrying.  You can sign up as a pair or individual and they will match you up with some other fun seekers.  Three games of adventure bowling including "call the shot" "moonlight bowling" and more!  Raffles, prizes, a silent auction, pizza, pop....the list goes on and on!  There are even some AWESOME Motive bowling balls up for grabs, and if you're not aware, they are made right here in Muskegon and they are probably the hottest product for bowlers on any level.

We gotta get you there tho!  Cloey Buzzell and Denyel McCallister have been working around the clock to keep this all going.  In the interview, I mention to Denyel that she looks tired, but what a tired to be?  This is the kind of work that is worth being tired for because the impact that is made on the life of these young people will literally carry on for generations.  Take a listen.


If you are able, find the time to learn more about the Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Like most anything, the reward you find will be 10 fold what you put in.  It's not about how much you can spend on the relationship, it's about the time you can give.  Here's the best idea, learn more at the Bowl for Kids Sake event April 22nd.  You can even meet program participants that can help you see just how incredible BBBS is for everyone! 

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