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As we've built and grown Step it Up Muskegon with Shon Cook and Scherdel Sales and Technology we've been able to grant some of our areas non profit organizations a little funding to help with their causes, and that's a great thing.  It's the generosity of great sponsors like this that make it possible.  What's even more important that along with the financial help, they get the opportunity to let the world know on a little broader scale what they do to help take care of people in the community.  Muskegon is a remarkable place when it comes to getting safety nets in the right places if people fall through the cracks.  We are remarkably fortunate to live in a community like we do.


This month, Family Promise of the Lakeshore is the focus non profit and while they are a small but mighty organization, it's their approach to those "cracks" that makes them stand out.  Family Promise of the Lakeshore is an organization that focuses on keeping a family together should a situation of homelessness occur.  Quite often, if a homelessness situation happens, and a temporary shelter is needed, families are broken up.  Some shelters house men, others take women and children and in a situation already filled with stress and grief, breaking up a family is only another layer of added anguish.  The approach at Family Promise of the Lakeshore is different.

The idea is to house the family as one with partnering churches and agencies.  Not only to relive the temporary homelessness crisis, but to provide a path that hopefully, the family can learn from to avoid this from happening again.  Learn ways to better financially manage.  Ways to help improve nutrition, be a good tenant and parent.  They will also be active in seeking employment and housing in the time they are with Family Promise of the Lakeshore and when ready, Family Promise of the Lakeshore has a pantry of household items that can help the family reestablish their home and with any of the good blessings, they can avoid a repeat of the occurrence.

Lori Rasmussen is the Executive Director of Family Promise of the Lakeshore.  She joined us to talk about the organization.  Their mission and how you can help if you are so inclined.  Things most often needed are gently used household items.  Bedding is one.  They also accept donations of things that you use every day like dishes and silverware, kitchen items and more.  A call to see if there is a need can't hurt, but if you are downsizing this is an incredible place to repurpose some of what you have to give others a new beginning.  Take a listen.   


It's been a time where we've seen so much by way of both the greatness of humanity, and how easy it is for some to lose it all.  An organization like Family Promise of the Lakeshore strives to make the return to normal as dignified and purposeful as possible while minimizing the impact that a family has on it in a time of crisis.  As Lori said, it's a small but essential organization here in town and their work on Crozier street in Muskegon is one that should be known far and wide.  Please click on the link below and learn more and get involved.  We're so thankful for Shon Cook and Scherdel Sales and Technology for their support of this great community. 

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