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We love to partner with sponsors who go above and beyond when it comes to serving the communities they work in.  It was in the middle of the pandemic when we first learned a little about Community Choice Credit Union when they went to some locally owned restaurants and handed them a check and said "We're picking up the tab today".  Yes, the idea was to feed some hungry people, cover the costs a local small business incurred for the day and everyone walked away a winner.  From there, we've been a part of their backpack give away when it was time to head back to school as well as Credit Union Day when they parked a food truck outside the members center to buy lunch for their members as a thank you.  Community Choice Credit Union not only talks a good game, they walk the walk.  One of their primary focuses is their scholarship program and in West Michigan, the first winner of the $5000 prize was found.


Meet Grace Cooper.  Grace applied and wrote an essay to be a candidate.  When you're heading to the University of Michigan applying for scholarships and such is probably part of all that you become as the last couple of years of high school go by, it's a pretty prestigious place.  Grace not only had the time to apply and get the essay done, she was part of the interview process and suffering a stomach bug during that, so she really had to up the game when the Zoom call happened to put her best foot forward.  Best foot forward seems to be nothing new to Grace however.  She explained that she's from a long line of family who finds a way to help in some form or another and a part of her project was organizing a multi school project that gathered "Students Who Care" together where they each contribute some money and then hear from organizations in need and then grant the help as a group.  Anyone here getting the idea that organization and leadership might be in the cards for a brilliant young woman?  We've got a bright future, we're in good hands. cccuCommunity Choice Credit Union Membership

Grace was away on Spring Break and the "set up" was that she had a small technical issue on an account that she needed to stop into the Community Choice Credit Union by the Muskegon County Airport to sign a form.  We were on hand to capture her arrival to a "SURPRISE" and the revelation of her award and acknowledgement.  Shocked and stunned at first, once she caught her breath a little, we had a visit with her and Ashley Gallegos who is a local manager for Community Choice Credit Union.  Enjoy the fun and meet a remarkable young person with an incredibly bright future in front of her.







It really was an amazing thing to be a part of!  There are a couple levels of things to think about here.  GIVE BIG.  Not only does Community Choice Credit Union talk it, they deliver.  $5000 toward a very bright future is an amazing start and Grace will be squeezing every drop out of her time at the U of M she can.  From there, on to conquer the world and that's what we hope for all of our young people.  Next, the work Grace is part of to better the community and the lives of those around her.  It's in the spirit of giving that we find the reward comes back to us.  In this case, it was a big giant check to help out with college.  In some cases the reward might not be as huge, but it's the internal satisfaction bettering the place you call home that's the genuine reward.  Get all of that you can.  To learn more about the Community Choice Credit Union Scholarship Foundation and their scholarship program, click below. 

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