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Brace yourself!  We're "Going Rogue" with local Author Melissa Myers who's job as a Certified Financial Planner has helped clients achieve their goals for over 20 years, and in that time of service, she's found a niche in which she's thriving and helping others do the same....unconventional financial strategies for women, and the idea is a long time coming.   

Our lives have changed.  Did you know that it was only the 1960's that women were allowed to open a bank account in the USA and it was 1974 before they were helped with the Equal Credit Act that eliminated discrimination in banking based on gender.  1974.  Most of us were alive when that happened.  Now, we're not mentioning this to give you the idea of "oh, poor girls", not at all, because the honest truth is this.  Women are probably a lot smarter with money than men as they work miracles on just about any budget where as a guy....looks in his pocket and either has money or doesn't.  Sure, it's not quite that simple but the idea of women being smart, educated and savvy with their finances is essential today.  The family dynamic changes.  Life changes happen like a divorce or a loss of a spouse, planning ahead for kids to go to higher education....all factors in why keen financial literacy for women is so very important.

Melissa not only offers a free 30 minute consultation for prospective clients, she's taken the time to share the vast knowledge she's accumulated over the years and put it in her book "Going Rogue - Unconventional Financial Strategies for Women" which is available at her website in either print or digital formats.   In the book, she lays out the ground work for financial planning for anyone's financial journey.  On the cover of the book, you'll see the mission printed boldly - "How to align your money with your values, live your ideal life and be a blessing to others".  It's a pretty tall promise, but inside the cover the table of contents lays it all out, step by step.  From your vision and reality to your joy, it's all presented in a book that's interactive as well informative.  You'll actually feel more like you are in a participative talk with a friend than you are reading a book.

Melissa invited me out to learn a little more about the book and her mission.  I had gotten to know Melissa a little serving on an Advisory Board with her at Fruitport Schools as well as us both being involved in No More Sidelines, so while she is no stranger, a conversation like this shows the depth and passion she carries to help others, and it's all shared from a perspective of someone who'd been there.  Take a listen.


If you're getting the idea that we've got a job that's intersected with a life's passion, you are right.  Meeting Melissa has a special feeling to it.  She's one of those "helpers" that you get the immediate feeling from that isn't just talking...she's digging very deep and basing what she's sharing on life experience and genuinely wanting to help others attain what she has.  This is human connectivity at it's best and to see others take life experience and show individuals or groups like Melissa does how to avoid some of the pitfalls and celebrate some of the success....that builds community.  Learn more about Melissa below and pick up a copy of her book!  You'll be supporting a great local author as well as opening some doors for a brighter financial future for yourself.