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Story tellers needed.  The Muskegon Area District Library is embarking on a cultural project that has taken off in much larger cities that focuses on letting the people of the community they comprise be "the story".  In our case, it will be "The Humans of Muskegon" but you can insert any city at the end and the concept applies.  This is a chance for the people of the community to tell their story of what life is like for them in their community on a daily basis.  Here's the thing though...this is a project focusing on the story of all of the members of our community.


We are very fortunate to live in a place that is fairly diverse.  We're no altruistic mecca for every walk of life or anything, but we do pretty well when it comes to getting along and if you have been part of our community long enough, the areas that we can all do better in are no big secret.  We'll go right ahead and admit that we're often the first to focus more on people who are looking to be seen and heard,  most of the time when we encounter someone it's in the vein that they have some news to share or need to spread the word about something.  Sometimes, it takes a little coaxing to get them to open up, talking isn't very easy for some.  Imagine being the individual however that's not only a little shy about talking, but they live inside their mind enough to think that if they share their experience with someone else, no one will listen.  Humans of Muskegon is designed to specifically give a voice to the people who feel unheard or minimized for who they are and what they do to make our community function.  Is it a gathering of sour people who want to spout off?  Not at all.  It's a chance for those who are willing to share and those who are willing to listen and learn to find a balance of the human experience from their unique points of view and hopefully, both the speaker and the receiver walk away a little more knowledgeable about life in someone else's shoes.  This is a POWERFUL way to be a part of a historical piece as well as expand your horizons.  It's a project that you should think long and hard about participating in.  CLICK HERE to find the page to register to participate. 

We also start a conversation with the MADL about the Summer Reading Programs that are coming back in full force and in person this year.  The MADL has been one of the community's best partners through the last couple of years while we had to deal with the pandemic.  Making Wi-Fi available at all of their branches for people to pull up and use from their car.  They also reworked the entire way they checked out books and returned them with convenient curbside pick up and drop off.  They turned their in person reading events into online adventures, they got the Storyville projects completed in their branches to engage young readers and they also had to go on a hunt for a new Executive Director of the MADL in the middle of all that.  Busy enough?  The MADL is a living, working and essential part of our community and in every corner of the county you'll find them.  If not, keep an eye out for the Bookmobile!  The MADL will bring it all right to you.

Caught up with Sarah Rinsema-Sybenga and Michele Wittkopp at the Muskegon Heights Branch of the MADL.  Sarah talks about the Humans of Muskegon project and Michele takes the lead on the Summer Reading.  Take a listen. 


Spring being here is the perfect time to refresh your interest in the Muskegon Area District Library.  There's something for everyone and there's so much more to the library today than checking out books.  Multi-media.  Multi-platform.  Inperson and online programming.  Special cultural projects like the Humans of Muskegon or something as simple as Summer Reading Programs to provide a sense of community and friendship while keeping kids focused on the basics and adults engaged and wondering.  Our thanks to the MADL for the chance to share what's going on.  Visit their WEBSITE or click on the logo below!

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