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When we first began with Dog Blessed with Jodi Jarvis-Therrian, we kinda thought it would be a fun way to incorporate some informational stuff about pets as well as give a very knowledgeable and passionate person an avenue to share their work.  We were right.  What we didn't really plan on was finding an opening to a world of vast knowledge and experts in their field to go above and beyond what OUR expert has.  It's been an incredible start.  With any of our sponsors, we like you to get to know them a little better, so..we stopped into Clock's Timeless Pets to hear more about their services for your pet once they cross over the rainbow bridge.


We'll begin by saying that the Clock Family has been in the bereavement business a while here in Muskegon.  Their funeral home on Peck in Muskegon is a place of comfort and healing.  It's also vast.  If you've only been to Clock's for a visit you may have not seen just how much they have in there.  From an intimate chapel to gathering spaces for guests after a ceremony, it's all under one roof.  In their course of operation, the Clock family had Max.  Max was a beautiful collie and needed to find a purpose when the kids moved away, so Max began coming to work as a therapy dog for mourners.  He was incredible, however his time came and there was only Kalamazoo for a cremation service that would do private pet cremations, Jodi Clock saw a need and she filled it in Muskegon.      

So began Clock's Timeless Pets.  The loss of a pet is a differing kind of grief as you'll hear Jodi Clock explain.  Attachments to pets are a little different than humans and the grief is too.  With a pet, it's 100% unconditional love and that's what's missing when they are gone.  The memory of your pet doesn't have to be the last visit with them if you take them in and it doesn't have to be where you found them when they passed.  Clock's Timeless Pets will see to it that you are left with a touching memorial, your pet is given the dignity of their final goodbye properly and closure can happen as the healing process begins.  Pets give people so very much.  It's a small return and a very important part of healing.

JOdi explains it all, and we talk a little about their business, especially over the last couple of years when things have had to have been a bit stressful to say the least.  The Clock family and their staff however have been right there for the families of Muskegon and their losses through it all.  Take a listen.


Loss is never an easy subject to address.  As we are learning more and more about the relationships between people and pets with Jodi, we're also learning more ways to care for them and help them live their best lives possible right up until the end and even then, in the after life the care and compassion doesn't have to end.  Memories can be preserved and in Muskegon the Clock family has been doing just that for generations.  Our sincere thanks to Jodi for her time in sharing today and everyone at Clock's Timeless Pets and Clock Funeral Home for their unending commitment to those who mourn in Muskegon. 

Clocks TimelessPets