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Kneaded Kitchens is out on Harvey Street in front of The Lakes Mall and while the mall itself has seen better days, Kneaded Kitchens has become an attraction destination for people who are into cool, trendy and extremely quality products for their kitchens and a place to even spark up conversation about some of the products because some of them you didn't even know you needed until you saw them!  See the idea here?  "Kneaded Kitchens"?


Kneaded Kitchens began as an online store and over time, they saw that Muskegon didn't really have a locally owned store focused on things that are great for gifting, incredible for personal use and sometimes impossible to find anywhere else.  Not only did they see an opportunity to bring that kind of shopping experience to the area, they had the opportunity to make sure that the quality and price were above par and that's a staple of the business even today.  As we talked around our filming, owner Josiah Kooi explained some down right dangerous facts about some products you may find online.  Products made in countries that don't have to meet the USA's safety standards.  One instance that was brought up were cast iron pans that were found for sale online on a major online retailer.  Advertised as cast iron, they were actually blended with lead.  The manufacturing standards were dropped after the inspections were done and people were being sold cookware that was poisonous.  Making sure quality and price is and will always remain a priority for Kneaded Kitchens if you are shopping in store or online.

As the store has grown, so too has their product line.  Kneaded Kitchens is now the place to find items like Kaja's Flavor Packs, What's Your Jam, Patricia's Chocolates, Kneaded Kitchens private label coffee and more!  Notice something cool about their expanded line of products?  All local artisan products and all small business owners just like the Kooi's with Kneaded Kitchens.  They are working to elevate other local entrepreneurs through their unique and fun shop and making it easier on some to get things they might have heard about, but were not sure where to find.  Add in the vast and purposeful kitchen in the back of the store, which had plans to be used a whole lot more had there not been a pandemic that came along, but is now going to be front and center much more now that groups can work together again.

Josiah and Anna joined to talk about a year and a half of growth.  How their store has blossomed as a brick and mortar and succeeded in the digital world as well.  They are young and exciting business owners and their drive and leadership is wisdom beyond their years.  Take a listen.


If you are shopping for the upcoming wedding season or maybe you are in the market for the high quality affordably priced products that Kneaded Kitchens carries for yourself, this is the one stop you need to make.  Unique, purposeful and stylish items...again, some of which you might have not even known you "kneaded" are all to be found on Harvey Street in Muskegon or online at  We're super thankful for the support of Kneaded Kitchens and proud to watch them grow!

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