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The numbers are still staggering as to how much unneeded and expired medication is out on the streets and can be safely, anonymously and without any worry of repercussion be disposed of properly this coming Saturday as the Muskegon Area Medication Disposal Program will be hosting their Spring event at the Norton Shores Fire Department on Pontaluna Road from 10a-2p.


From the MAMDP website - "We are celebrating our 11th year with collection totals of over 21 tons of medications that have been safely destroyed since 2010. The program is making an impact and a change in behavior for our area residents on how they dispose of their medications and sharps. We have grown to be one of the largest take back events for the State of Michigan according to past Michigan DEA reports."  Can you just imagine how many pills it takes to generate 21 tons of leftovers?  Think of the risk to those who might be seeking something for their addiction in your home or think of the risk in the street value of some of those drugs in making up that 21 tons.  Now, imagine the damage that couple potentially happen to out lakes and streams if that much medical waste was filtered into the ecosystem?  This is an essential program and Muskegon leads the way in setting the bar for participation nationwide.

On April 30th it's as simple as this.  Load up the unused, outdated or left over from the loss of a loved one.  Bring the sharp items you may have too, they will take them.  Drive to the MAMDP site at the Norton Shores Fire Station located at 1100 E. Pontaluna.  Pull up.  Answer some survey questions that are anonymous, unload and go.  No questions asked.  Bring the dog for a car ride too.  There will be treats on hand! 

Brain Harris grabbed Mike Poulin to talk about this Spring's event coming up Saturday.  Take a listen. 


Yep. The Medication Disposal Program is one of our "regular" stories. You're going to hear about it a couple times a year.  Making sure that the safety and security of our community is up front is very much a part of all we do.  We are always happy to partner with the MAMDP program and the other coalitions that Trinity Health is behind to keep all of us healthy.  Saturday is your chance to unload all that you have expired or unwanted and while supplies last, a lock box can be picked up free of charge too.  Our thanks to Sheriff Poulin for dropping by today to talk about this valuable community effort.