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We Welcome Betten Baker as a Sponsor of the Muskegon Channel

Muskegon Metro Area News

It's a day of gratuity and celebration for us.  We've worked very hard to provide content that is of purpose and meaning to the community.  We've also worked very hard to live up to the idea that "We have a new story to tell".  With a new story, so too came a newer way to deliver what we have to share.  We utilize the internet and things like Roku and Amazon Fire TV to get Muskegon's news and events out further than ever before and show our community in a way anything but the usual story of the gloom and doom.  We are a community of value and purpose and the people here and to show that off is the key with the ultimate goal of using what we have to show more of that than the traditional "shock value" news that tries to get you to click for no other reason.

We have been very blessed with the people who've helped us build and grow through their sponsorships.  When we began, it was one guy and $750 bucks a month coming in.  There was a lot of work to do wo earn some trust and more over some work to do to build value in what was being seen and how the reach was going.  We've also looked very hard for sponsors who are equally vested in Muskegon as we are and share in the belief of our community.  People who know that working together with a media partner is so much more than buying an ad and letting it run.  Active and engaged is what we try to be and we work harder for less than just about anyone.  With that, it's an incredibly exciting announcement for us to welcome Betten Baker Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac to our publishing's.

The phenomenal growth of Betten Baker around the state is a Muskegon success story on it's own.  What's really great about the success of it all is that while they have grown by leaps and bounds, stopping in to the dealership on Henry Street is as comfortable and inviting as it always was and then some.  You are met by friends and neighbors in both the sales and service departments.  The amenities are comfortable and spacious and even while the auto industry works to "catch up" on some of the shortages, they have the tools and access to find you exactly the new or preowned vehicle you want.  They are also extremely community minded supporting 25 major non profit endeavors in Muskegon and growing.  Finding ways to engage and support what's happening right here in town has remained a priority for Betten Baker.  Some traditions don't change.

With that, Betten Baker figured that finding just the right person to help share their story as well as reach out to more community programs to be a part, so they grabbed one of the best.  Maria Secord is new to the team, but not new to Muskegon or working to help the community through her work.  We sat down to welcome Betten Baker with Maria.  Take a listen. 


It's an honor for us to be recognized by such a long lasting community pillar like Betten Baker. Now, it's time to get to work.  Our first event with Betten Baker will be a blood drive on May 16th.  We'll see you there for a lunch time remote and we're just getting ready for it, so stay tuned for details on what we'll have to entice you to come on down and try to help out.  We're honored and thankful to welcome Betten Baker to our family of publishings.  If you're in the business of finding a new or preowned vehicle....you know where we'd recommend. 

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