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The last couple of years have been strenuous on so many.  We really are not basing all we're talking about on "the last couple years" but it seems that as things get back into gear, acknowledging the reality is kind of unavoidable.  Like so many others, we took our fair share of hits when everything shut down.  All of our live shows, including one that was going to launch the day the actual shut down orders came in March of 2020 had to be scrapped along with any events we had planned.  As a staff we had to figure out how to adapt.  We were able like so many others to find a way.  Others did not and it's our hope that they have found some resolve since.  


One of the hardest hit areas of course was hospitality.  Restaurants, bars, lodging and more.  All closed in a moments notice and the workers waiting to see what kind of assistance was offered.  We love working with local bars and restaurants for our live shows because of one simple fact.  We could easily have a studio, but it's much more effective to bring an audience to a venue where they can enjoy some local eats, company of friends, a craft cocktail or two and be a part of a life television show.  As the pandemic has lifted, it turns out that an amazing Downtown Muskegon hot spot made some moves too and now that the Spring weather is here and things are getting back to full force, a partnership bloomed and we're ready to go live again!

Burl and Sprig moved!  They are in the location once held by the MAC long ago.  They are right across the street from the Downtown "sand box" and with all of the activity going on on Western Avenue it's PERFECTLY located to be the central spot for the fun to come!  Burl and Sprig is also in the middle of a week of "revamping".  Burl and Sprig 2.0 will be opening Wednesday May 4th and introducing an incredible new menu that's been put together by Executive Chef Jeremy Sowa.  Jeremy is a Muskegon guy who's path to culinary excellence took him to Chicago first then on to some other amazingly incredible restaurants to learn and grow.  What's best about Jeremy?  He's brought all that acquired knowledge right back home to Muskegon to be with family and friends.  Put those roots down!  With the new menu on the way, which by the way...having a local Chef who understands Muskegon's price point when it comes to eating out....a new place to call home with the open side of the building to the street as well as the social district up and down Western's going to be amazing to watch the focus of Downtown Muskegon events start to move to Western and Second Street.  

With that too, Burl and Sprig wants to get the word out.  Not only about their restaurant and brands, but their growth community involvement and more.  So...not only do we proudly welcome a new sponsor, we invite you to the return of Muskegon Tonight Live on May 26th at Burl and Sprig.  We're going to get to work on the show and guests for the evening as we are typing.  We are going to do free tickets like we did before when the show was at Smash in the Frauenthal Center.  With that, we'd like to offer our mist sincere thanks to Mike Kordecki and his staff from all of the Hometown Hospitality Group for giving us a place to start.  They were incredible partners and we're so thankful for their belief in us bringing a TV show in and giving us a chance to "prove it".

We met up with Executive Chef Jeremy Sowa today and Jessie Wilde who's become the Marketing and Communications Executive Director of Burl and Sprig and WM Rum Brands and yes, we still keep an adjunct affiliation with Jessie here.  She's a woman of many talents and drive.  Take a listen to our chat!  GET YOUR FREE TICKETS TO THE RETURN OF MUSKEGON TONIGHT LIVE HERE!


We're excited. We're thankful. We're ready to see you LIVE again and we're moving ahead. We work to reflect Muskegon on it's best days...which honestly are most of them.  We endured together and as we work our way back to what we are all best at, remember that our local business and economy are all in need of you.  You will see a LOT of catching up in different areas when it comes to entertainment, dining and libation.  Support our local business and enjoy a night out with friends.  Plan on joining us for a GREAT new start of Muskegon Tonight Live and help us send all the thanks to Burl and Sprig 2.0.  Stop in when they are reopened and experience the food and fun!

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