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HGA Support Services is the monthly recipient of the Step it Up gift from Attorney Shon Cook and Scherdel Sales and Technology on the Muskegon Channel.  We're always super proud to help our are non profit organizations with a little financial backing, but more over to be able to give them the platform to share what they do and who they serve is equally valuable and the hope in the long term is that with some awareness will come some engagement from the audience to help support or become involved themselves.  Media working to further the purpose of important causes is a key element of what we do.


Serving Muskegon, Mason, Lake, Oceana and Newaygo counties, HGA Support Services help those with physical or mental limitations that keep them from independence.  HGA operates residential homes for them and works to provide the highest quality of life that can be afforded.  1980 is when the work began with mostly residential services and as the organization grew, along came help for Autism, supported employment services and more.  The reach is wide and the work is essential in the idea that inclusiveness is so essential to the human experience.  It's a remarkably large commitment that HGA makes to be a part of the lives of those they serve and to know that they extend into the rural areas of our community is also pretty amazing.

Myra Dutton is the CEO of HGA Services and Shon Cook invited her to be the Step it Up organization for the month.  We got a few minutes with Myra to learn about the organization and the challenges they face.  A brief bit of history is included as well as some thoughts about HGA and their services which are offered by other organizations as well, but Myra explains that the need in the area is so great that  collaboration is more often the case than competition for the people they serve which is also another reason we are remarkably fortunate to live in Muskegon where more often than not, we find a way to get something done to have a positive outcome for those in need.  Take a listen as Myra shares the story with Shon Cook, Nancy Rath from Scherdel and I.


Serving people like HGA Support Services does is a richly rewarding and fulfilling experience.  When people hear things like "autism" or "physical limitation" there can be a feeling of hesitance.  Think about those moments in life where you hesitated first, then tried it?  It generally turned out pretty good didn't it?  See if there are volunteer opportunities with HGA?  Help out a little yourself if you can.  If not financially then even just sharing this can help bring some awareness to their awesome work.  You can learn more about their organization by visiting their Facebook page for the moment, their actual website is getting a facelift.  Our thanks to Myra for joining us and Shon and Nancy for their support of such incredible organizations in our area.