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One of the things that we are so incredibly fortunate to have in and around us in you think I am going to say water, right?  Well, you are correct but that's not what I am after this time.  We are incredibly fortunate to have so many who have diverse talents and some who have pretty awesome toys to help utilize that water so that we can play, fish, relax and celebrate water.  Yes, I am here beating the drum about people once again, because after all, it's just water if we're not using it properly and preserving it the very best we can.


We're also a community of reverence when it comes to honoring those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for out freedom.  From the strength of the Veteran community we have living here to those who serve them, finding a place anywhere in the USA who does a better job looking out for those who served in any branch of the service is hard to do.  When those who have the skills and the toys to make the best use of the water get together with those who served to provide them a day away in gratuity for the time they gave...NOW you have what sets us a part!

The Muskegon Charter Boat Association is back for the 10th Armed Forces Salmon Assault on May 21st.  Veterans from all over the State of Michigan are invited to take part in a day on Lake Michigan enjoying all the hot spots that the charter boat captains know to knock down some fishing, spend a little time out in the fresh air and open waters and then return back in for a chance for some fellowship, and maybe some fishing lies, while they have their catch cleaned and prepared.  The best part of the entire day for the Vets as well as the Charter Captains however is the return parade as the boats come back down the Muskegon Channel.

It's a hero's welcome to any of the Vets who've been out fishing.  The south side of the channel is lined with community with flags in hand and all applauding and waving while they come back to return to shore.  The era's that these men and women served in didn't all get that kind of welcome when they returned, and even if they did...a repeat performance of that can't hurt.  It's also a great opportunity to bring your younger ones out to show them that standing behind community projects as well as our hero's like the Veterans is dignified and honorable. 

Terry Armstrong and Chas Hibbard joined me at the slip of Net Results in the Crosswinds Marina in Whitehall to talk about this years event and getting back to it!  Take a listen!


While the participants for the actual fishing have been selected, it's on us to help support the work and the event happening on May 21st!  A few minutes in a reception line while men and women from all over Michigan return in from their day out courtesy of the Muskegon Charter Boat Association shows the Vets a little love and some thanks to the charter boat guys too.  Who...if you listened to the video talk, might get a little misty eyed themselves upon the return.  It's an amazing thing we humans can do to help bring out the best in one another, and it's an amazing place we live in to have the people and resources to make it all happen!  May 21st... be a part of it all!  

armed forces salmon assault