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Today we are taking Professional Women Making A Difference to Mahali's, where we are visiting the lovely Kim Sims (former Mayor of Muskegon Heights).

Kimberly Sims has spent over 22 years communicating. The messages have changed throughout a very successful professional career. After graduating from Grand Valley State University in 1996 with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Film and Video Production, Kim mastered the art of sharing messages. Professionally, that mastery has lent support to the reframing of mindsets, community actions and advocacy that did not have a voice.

Kim was a small business owner, all while serving those most need through case management in the non-profit sector of Muskegon County. Beyond her passion for serving those less fortunate than herself, Kim believed that there was a stronger purpose for her voice, beginning with the Bethlehem Community Park Project. Kim mobilized a group of residents to transform a lot which had been vacant for years into a community park. Kim became a voice for strategic vision that pushes entities outside of their comfort zone, rally for equality of the community she serves.

Kim felt a strong passion to ensure her children experienced a comprehensive education, becoming a Home School Administrator, focusing on the impact she left with her children for the future. As a Home School Administrator, Kim continues to push her children into an awareness of self, and community through the lens of equality, opportunity, inclusion and diversity. Kim has dedicated a great deal of her time to ensuring that her children become connected to their collective community, in hopes that they return to Muskegon County and make their world, a better place to be. Fostering personal growth through visions of empowerment and civil engagement, that passion pushed Kim to become an elected leader within the City of Muskegon Heights.

Now enjoying the quiet side of retired politics Sims now enjoys taking that personal time for herself and doing something that still helps our community grow, which is being a doula, which is like having your own personal cheerleader while a woman is giving birth and before and after.  Even though this is a big difference from being Mayor of the City. To becoming the God Mother to so many different young parents.  Sims has only had two births here in Muskegon the rest of her babies have been in Grand Rapids.  Before we wrapped it up she did say that she does believe that bad egos played a significant role in why it was hard for her as a female Mayor.
Her advice for those wishing to enter into politics is, “to just be yourself.”

We may not have her in our political world anymore but she is still apart of our community world by helping bringing in new lives.  Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to help make Muskegon a better place.