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Remember the good old days when there were blood drives and the local media came out and worked their tails off to get you to come the day they were there and make an attempt to help save a life by spending a few minutes with the good people of the American Red Cross while they grabbed a pint of whatever was running through your veins and in the end you were treated to not only the customary snacks provided by the canteen of the Red Cross, you got to take your pick of some of the goodies the local media shook out of their friends and partners and got to enter to win some bigger stuff too?  Well, the motto here is if it "ain't broke, don't fix it!"


While so much in media has changed, including the way we're communicating this to you.....the idea that a short visit to drop off a pint of blood with the idea in mind that it's going to be needed to save the life of someone in the very near future doesn't require reinventing the wheel or anything.  It requires a little elbow grease, some phone calls to fiends and a little extra effort to partner up with another like minded company in town who sees the importance of serving the community as well as making sure that the products and services they are are second to none! 

May 16th Betten Baker Chevrolet on Henry Street is the location and the Muskegon Channel is going "old school" with a remote during the lunch hours that day from 11a-1p.  The blood drive itself is going on longer that day and you have the option to use the QR code you'll find below to reserve a time or, walk in and be seen.  For your time we've come up with quite a list of enticements and we hope that some of that old "come and get it" mentality still works because who we've had offer up some help...are pretty remarkable business! 

Just for stopping in and trying, we've got McDonalds who's backed up the truck with Value Meals, Happy Meals and sweet treats.  Touch of Class Auto Washes have supplied us with car washes so you'll be all shiny and clean driving around!  We've got Fatty Lumpkins on board ,The Coffee Factory. Celebration Cinema and The Getty 4 have provided coupons for popcorn and some gift cards!  We've also got some discounts to Kneaded Kitchens which is a store everyone is talking about.  Want to register to win something?  We'll have Aquastar passes for this summer and Betten Baker will have some top notch giveaway items too! 

Stop on by between 10a and 3:45p no matter the incentives though.  After the last few years, the blood supply people sure could use an "easy day" of a great turn out to make sure that what's on hand when the time arises is there and be it an accident or a surgery, we've all paid it forward to help those with the gift of life!  We'll plan on seeing YOU Monday May 16th!  

blood drive photo