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It’s been a while since we got a visit in out at the MAISD Career Tech Center. It’s been a while since anyone has, let’s face it, with the last couple of years and the idea of virtual school, hybrid learning and everything else we’ve had to “pivot” to adapt to, including the use of the word pivot….

Now that there’s a little more ability to do what we’re used to, it’s a good time to let ya know that things are still going just fine at this incredible asset to our community to help students learn in a hands on way that gives them the skills they need to be better prepared for the workforce when they graduate high school. They can take what’s learned at the CTC and tradition on to a higher education or directly into the working world with the skills that employers are seeking.

We have a little tighter tie in with the graphic design program at the CTC. Like a lot of career based programs, the school has an advisory committee of people who help the teachers understand what’s needed in the real world. What should they be teaching along with the basics? People who work day to day in their fields advise and learn how the program works. Andy helps on this advisory committee.

With the work that’s gone in by the students of the graphic design department, finding a way to get it seen is the key. All of the Facebook galleries and the Snapchat shares are awesome, but now that it’s ok to put on an expo, let’s have one! May 19th from 4-6p head on out to the CTC for the exhibition. You’ll get a chance to see the work that’s gone in, meet the creators of the work and see first had how diverse the platforms are that are being taught. There will be some refreshments provided by the culinary students at the school during the event too so you can double dip on the educational experience. You may even find yourself in the right place at the right time to find a gifted and up and coming graphic designer or producer.

Laurie Hundt is half of the dynamic duo who teach Graphic Design at the CTC.  Her cohort Christine Bell was off on a school function competition with some students.  Joining us to talk about their work and invite you to the show are Willow Kettler, Jonah Newell and Aliah DeLaCruz.  Enjoy! 


So incredible the tools and talents that young people have today to help propel them ahead.  The Career Tech Center is an incredible piece of all that's offered educationally in Muskegon.  If you stop and think about the level of knowledge that young people can walk away with before even completing high school it's staggering.  Even if there's a higher goal than any of the courses offered at the CTC, learning something like graphic design, auto mechanics, welding or culinary can be an excellent fall back or way to pay for further education.  We're thankful to Mrs. Hundt and her class for showcasing some of their work and if you'd like to see the entire gallery, head out to the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center on the 19th. 

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