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Growth and activity continues in all corners of Muskegon County.  Attention seems to go to some areas more than others but working to get the news out all over the county is what we strive for and large or small, every event has a beginning and when one of our local municipalities gets the people in place to start bringing some of the life enriching activities that we all enjoy so much together, well, we're going to find a way to tell you about it.


Parks and Rec has always been a "thing" in Muskegon Township.  Parks and Rec is a department in local governments dedicated to making sure that our places to play, congregate and just hang out are clean, safe and maintained along with coming up with activities when possible to engage within the community.  Might be arts and crafts for kids, it might be a picnic for the residents of the area, maybe it's the planning and pulling off of some bigger things.  Not only are they adding to the quality of life, they are giving local vendors a chance to make a buck by having a space to sell food or products, if done right, a little money can come back to the municipality to make it happen again and grow. 

A committee got together on the Muskegon Township Board of Trustees and decided that after the last couple years of sitting watching NETFLIX, it' time to see some people, see some machines and start to move toward more kinds of fun togetherness in the wide open spaces out around Apple Ave.  To stay up to date on all that's to come from Muskegon Township they ask that you FOLLOW THEIR OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE LINKED HERE

First up, on June 11th Muskegon Township Parks and Rec will be hosing an Arts and Crafts Fair at Softball World starting at 9am.  It's an artisan market with a twist, all the products have to be made by the people selling them.  No leggins, no sports potions, no weight loss miracles.  Had crafted work made with care and passion that will make a great gift or a fun way to add some decor.  Supporting the local artisans after the last couple years....probably a good idea.  Are you a local artisan?  There's still room to get in the show!!  

In July, it's gonna get big.  REALLY BIG!  Meet the Machines on July 8th on the grounds of Renk America on Getty Street in the south employee parking lot from 2p-5p.  Meet the Machines is a chance get right up close and personal with monster machines like dump trucks, fire trucks, loaders and more.  BIG equipment and the people that run it along with first responders and community officials.  

On the commmittee putting this all together, Township Supervisor Jennifer Hodges, Carrie Westbrook who's the Township Clerk and Lindsey Thelie the Township Treasurer.  Never mind the host who can't seem to quite get some traction at the beginning... there's a lot of great info here for a Summer of fun in Muskegon Township.  Take a listen. 

The heartbeat of the Muskegon Area gets stronger.  While the quick view seems that some areas of town get more attention than others, the reality is all of our pocket communities are growing, offering more enrichment for the surrounding neighborhoods and inviting more and more in to be part of what they are doing.  We've got all of our neighborhoods, but the strength is in the unity.  Thinking back to when I fist came to town back in 1998 or 1999....there was a whole lot more of this community gathering going on.  As things have shifted away from all the "beer tents" that were, we're all finding new and unique ways to say "come see us".  A large scale crafts show or a meet the machines event......time to head east to Muskegon Township!  We'll see you there.  

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