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It's an event designed for all levels of bicycle enthusiasts and after a couple of years of "kinda" events with a virtual theme and some riders here of there.  One of the signature events of the United Way of the Lakeshore is roaring back on June 11th and it's making a bigger foot print this year then ever with breath taking routes and different starting spots depending on where you'd like to get the pedals pumping from!


What better way to get out and enjoy the fresh air than a 6-100 mile ride on your bike?  Yes, the brave and dedicated can push the envelope to really go the extra mile with the 100 mile ride.  Most of the events kick off in Downtown Muskegon at the Sweet Spot at the Culinary Institute.  There will be some added areas to launch from this year as well, the Hart area has a group that will be hosting a couple of local smaller rides with plenty of fun and engagement for the kids which you'll hear a little more about in the video shortly.  If you choose the 100 mile ride, you'll be delighted to pass beautiful lakes lots of quaint small towns and plenty of the greenery of Summer setting in.  The shorter rides, not quite as many lakes, but charming and challenging none the less.

The benefits?  The United Way and the incredible work they do.  From the ALICE program addressing the issue of those who are asset limited, income constrained and employed...(those who just barely get by) to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library and more.  Over the last couple of years we've seen the United Way of the Lakeshore spread their wings and really hit the ground running when it comes to making sure a community is taken care of.  There's a special emphasis on the United Way's work in providing transportation services this year.  Rides, fuel, insurance, maintenance and transportation for seniors are all assisted by the United Way.  

After?  Well, the rides all circle back to the beginning and if you are coming right back to the Sweet Spot, you'll find Taste of Muskegon happening right across in Hackley Park.  Your registration for Ride United includes 5 tickets for food of beverage when you're complete, so at minimum, you can replace some of the carbs you burned off with a great local brew!  

Ready to ride?  Meet Scott Blease and David McNeil who are co-chairs of the Ride United event.  We talk a little about the event itself.  How their love of biking got them involved and what steps they took to volunteer with the United Way and how very easy it is to speak up and lend a hand.  Take a listen.  


Who's in? It's really going to be a glorious Summer and even early on in June it's easy to see that having so many choices of what to do and's going to be a fun Summer too!  Make sure that you include some of that fun to have a little purpose behind it too and what better way to do that than helping the United Way of the Lakeshore?  If you are not a rider, how about a chance to help on on the event at an aid station or on the course?  It's a community based effort and let's face it, we're a pretty great community!  Get in on Ride United June 11th!  It's the beginning of a full day, and season of great times.

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