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It's going to be a Summer filled with getting back to what we're best at in Muskegon and that is finding a way to help our area non profit organizations out and provide a little fun for the entire community while we're also staying connected with what's going on around town!  If it seems like a new idea to you, let me assure's not.  It's been going on in Muskegon for a while and Party in the Park comes back in 2022 and's still going to set the standard for a community gathering with purpose.


Every week for over 35 years now, Hackley Park has been where we gather for a weekly recap of all things Muskegon.  Add in plenty of cold ones, activities for kids, bring in some music, food and viola, it's a party right?  Well, you see it's a little more special than that.  Not only does the party happen, but weekly, the party has a purpose and the idea of it all is raising money and awareness for our area non profit organizations.  The money part is understood, sell things...make a buck.  How about the awareness?  Well, that's where we come in.

How can we help spread the work about what's actually happening at Party in the Park?  We're going to introduce you to the organizations hosting and benefitting weekly beginning with the kick off week June 3rd and Rotary of Muskegon! rotaryVisit Muskegon Rotary Online

Rotary is a community based organization that has over 1.4 million members worldwide.  They are dedicated to promoting peace, fighting disease and a big one, providing clean water sanitation and hygiene.  Those are the top mission based values on the global scale and they all seem to work hand in hand as well, especially in the disease and clean water and sanitation areas.  There are parts of the world that we can barely imagine when it comes to the necessity of clean water and sanitation and to know Rotary does their part on that level is comforting.  Locally, Rotary works to help around Muskegon with opportunities to advance peace for sure, if you remember back not too long ago, "Love Loves Here" was a campaign sparked by Rotary of Muskegon to counter some hate that was spread at schools.  Rotary in Muskegon too has worked very hard during the pandemic to provide food trucks for those who would have otherwise gone without and to find a Rotarian stepping up to volunteer at any given even here in town is a pretty common occurrence.  They stay engaged and up to date on community needs and opportunities with a monthly meeting and program and they recognize members and community for their commitment and work.  

Jason Piasecki is in his final few weeks of time as the local Rotary President.  It's a revolving role that is shared among club members to help keep the club focused and fresh and a distinguished role to have.  Jason was able to find a little time at his agency Revel to talk about Rotary and the work that goes on.  This is the informative part leading up to the PARTY part which you'll get plenty of as Party in the Park kicks off at Hackley Park June 3rd!  Take a listen!


Ok, information uploaded and now it's on to the fun.  Or, well wait a minute.  Maybe with the information uploaded you want more?  You would like to know more about being a Rotarian and making your community and our world a little better place? we're getting somewhere.  To learn more about Rotary here in Muskegon visit their WEBSITE, or better yet...Friday, at Party in the Park, find a Rotarian who's volunteering and ask!  You will find out more about yourself than anything else once you give a little and make it happen.  We'll plan on seeing you at Hackley Park Friday!!  Party in the Park is back! 

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