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We are so incredibly fortunate to have a community like we do in Muskegon that understands the needs that have to be met in good times and bad.  Of those times that we've had to push a little harder to get more done, some have stepped way up to help and it's in those that we take such pride in sharing stories.  We're lucky that we can provide some financial support through sponsors like Attorney Shon Cook and Scherdel Sales and Technology in Muskegon, but their generosity also comes with the chance to inform, and that's what we pride ourselves in most.


The Muskegon Vikings Lodge.  It's the Linnea Lodge in Lakeside and they must be doing something right as there's a waitlist to become a member of this active fraternal organization.  If you've ever been to the Vikings Lodge, you know that they are not shy about having a great time.  That extends into the worlds of both grown up leisure time as well as activities for the whole family.  From the Vikings website - " Founded more than 100 years ago, the Independent Order of Vikings is a nonprofit, lodge-based fraternal organization with members across the United States.  We are governed by an Executive Council, with independent leadership at the local, subordinate lodges. Each lodge elects delegates to serve as voting members of the Grand Lodge, meeting biannually to direct the business of the Order."  They also work to help fund The Great Lakes Burn Camp and they have a program to help preserve and teach the Scandinavian language.  

The Great Lakes Burn Camp through the Vikings is the recipient of the financial help from Shon Cook and Scherdel Sales and Technology.  Learning from The Great Lakes Burn Camp website, "Each year we host two camps, one in summer and one in the winter, for burn injured children. Camp provides a unique experience that promotes healing, self-esteem, confidence and general well-being for burn injured children. Over the course of the week, the campers experience a traditional camp, only super-sized! Due to generous donations there is NO CHARGE to attend camp."

Chris Wilks is our guest this week to talk about the Vikings as well as the Great Lakes Burn Camp and how the organizations found each other and how the young people who attend the camp get a once in a lifetime experience thanks to the hard work and dedication of so many who help to contribute.  Take a listen. 


Isn't it great to learn a little more about organizations that serve such a dual purpose. Combining the idea of fun and purpose is what happens with the Vikings. As mentioned, it's a bit of a wait to become a member in Muskegon.  You might be able to hitch up with a friend that's already a member to learn more or you could always follow the Muskegon Vikings Lodge on Facebook by clicking on the link.  




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