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Party in the Park got back underway in full force over this past weekend.  Well, that's an understatement.  Muskegon got back underway this past weekend with an exclamation point with more events serving a multitude of party goers than ever even dreamed possible in multiple venues and the shared experience across the board was electrifying.  To see what's come of our community over the last 20 years or so when event planners had to strategize to not book the same weekends to avoid taking away too many from one event or another.  It's sure been a marathon as opposed to a sprint, but the level of engagement in Muskegon is higher than ever and the diversity of offerings is growing.


One key factor is our laid back atmosphere and another is what we've got to offer.  Our local brewers put out some pretty in demand products and manufacturing is still a key part of our working world too.  When they combine....well, you get some bragging rights and the possibility to not only debut a new product right here at home, but you get to say you tried it first when it becomes the next "it" micro brew that goes national and is in demand all over the country and what better time to debut something called "12 Cylinder Lager" from Pigeon Hill and Renk America other than NOW?  With the feeling of rebound after the last couple of years, no matter who you are, tip a glass be thankful and proud of where we call home.

Inspired by the 12 cylinder engines that Power Freedom in Renk America's engines, the brewers at Pigeon Hill got to work on this partnership.  Tradition?  117 years of building those 12 cylinder engines and the production of the brew is to honor that tradition as well as Renk America's commitment to the communities they operate in.  Pigeon Hill is working and growing too.  Their production facility and Brewers Lounge off Shoreline Drive is a unique and cool experience where you can actually have a small meeting in the space around the production....that was a first for me, and as the work continues on their Western Avenue front, they will be bringing a whole new experience for people who are out to relax and enjoy some fun.  Are you ready for duck pin bowling, dart boards, arcade games a golf simulator and more?  It's being worked on as we speak and Pigeon Hill on Western will be open soon.

Bari Dexter is with Renk America and we have a little history.  Bari is not only an emerging rock star in the local business world, she's a "rock star" from way back.  She might have been about 10 when I first got to know her singing the National Anthem at hockey games.  Always knew she was heading for the big time and to get to talk to her about a debut product like this and Renk America and their supporting our local events and other business.....well, let that camera roll!


One moment. Proud old timer here.  

While the canned product isn't till late Summer of the Fall, the reviews I heard were that 12 Cylinder Lager is a hit!  If you find yourself at Party in the Park or in the tasting room at Pigeon Hill, have a sip for freedom!  A local partnership like this is great for all of us.  Gets the name out about 2 companies in Muskegon.  Let's you puff out your chest a little about the USA and our events get stronger and more inviting with added options for people to come and seek out something new.  We should mention quick Bari said.... Renk America is hiring.  Need that job?  Get it.  We'll see you back at Party in the Park when it resumes on June 18th!

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