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Of all we have to offer here in Muskegon that 99% of the rest of the US of A can't even muster isn't the incredible resolve to take care of those in and around our community who need the help, but....we are simply masters of finding ways to turn entertainment into fundraising events and we we can add in a splash with the incredible water we have all round us, NO one can out do us!

Stand Up for the Cure is a national event that makes tour stops in around the country, in places like Miami, Seattle, Newport Beach....and Muskegon. :)  Imagine being that metro?  Wanna know the big secret?  Muskegon's event is really the one they all keep an eye on.  Like most everything else, quietly and in our own way, we set the model for so many others to follow and helping others build success is one of our best exports out of Muskegon.  From the Stand Up for the Cure website, "Since 2012, Standup for the Cure has been providing free breast cancer screenings while uniting paddlers, fitness enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, medical professionals and the breast cancer community from California to Florida and Michigan to Washington in an effort to save lives."  Over $1.5 Million dollars have been raised and again, to quote the website, "Standup for the Cure forwards 100% of the proceeds from each event to our local beneficiary. Donated funds are returned to the local community in the form of breast health program grants to clinics and other local effective organizations for screening, education, treatment and psychosocial support programs for uninsured and under-insured women."  Another thing we're remarkably good at in Muskegon, filling the needs for those who have not.  suftcRegister for SUFC Muskegon Here!

With the purpose defined, let's talk about the event!  It's going to be a glorious day at Ross Park.  Food, music, fun.....lot's of things to see and do from yoga on the beach to trying out a stand up paddle board for yourself for the first time if you have not in the past.  They usually have some fun raffle things on hand with the chance to support the cause with a donation or two.  Ross Park in Norton Shores has it lined up that you can enjoy something along the lines or beer or wine if you choose and since it's right on the lake, you might as well bring the rug rats along and let them splash around for the day.  To register youself or your team CLICK HERE.

The core team of those who work on Stand Up for the Cure in Muskegon is one incredibly strong group.  They run this event like a symphony and it's all based on survival, loss and the deeply held belief in early detection, communal support and making sure that women in need get the necessary treatment with as few barriers and complications as possible. 

I met up with Shawn Stephenson and Dianne Hoofman at the top of Ross Park while another paddle board event was going on.  It was a little foggy, but you may be able to see some of the action behind me and you will surely see that they came ready to get me in the spirit of the event.....





It's time to put the ideas of virtual events and moved dates on the back burner and get to what summer offers best in Muskegon and that's sizzle! If you are within 100 miles, no excuses. If you are within 200 miles, you can make a difference in the life of someone by participating. 300 miles? We've got plenty of hotels, lot's to do and there isn't a person anywhere that's not been effected in some way by cancer. Stand Up for the Cure July 9th! We'll see you at the beach at Ross Park.