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As of this moment, about 900 are on the way to make the Trinity Health Seaway Run in 2022 one for the record books.  Grant it, that number is going to grow dramatically by the time June 25th gets here because we're not known for the advance registration for most everything here in town, but...there is always a large crowd and always an amazingly great support for the events that the safe assumption is that 900 that are coming are registered in advance from out of town and a good idea is to fill it up and...let them finish first.  Always show the visitors the best time. 


Ok, that opener might have been a little exaggerated, but it's coming up quick and with the return of this grandest of runs in Muskegon and the Summer of 2022 going on as strong as it is, it's going to be an amazing event for anyone who'd like to run or walk the 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or the Community Walk.  It all gets underway at Heritage Landing on Saturday June 25th bright and early.  The atmosphere will be electric as it always is at the beginning of an event like this.  Anticipation, excitement and adrenaline in the runners.  Friends and family shaking off their sleep and getting themselves motivated to cheer their people on as they complete their run.  Music pumping, body's stretching out and warming out and then BANG!  Off they go.  Back at the start/finish line chatting commences, music plays and the wait begins.  seaway runSign Up for the Seaway Run

In the blink of an eye...the first participants are back.  Then the flood gates open to the bulk of everyone coming in.....but the real moments are still to come.  It's in the finish of those who come toward the end that the emotions begin.  The highest performers, the first finishers all began somewhere right?  Well, it's those beginners who have decided that conquering something like a big organized run like this is something they want to accomplish.  The people who decided that they were going to take the action and put themselves out there to take a bold step.  Opening themselves up to being timed, being in a group, being around people who were much more trained than they are.  BUT THEY DID IT!  Crossing that finish line for the first time....that's where the pot of gold lies, and that is where the seedlings are planted for the beginnings of being able to accomplish anything....and it happened right here in Muskegon!

Bryan Lambert is Race Director for the Trinity Health Seaway Run.  He and John Frawley and Shanna Alderink joined us at the entrance to beautiful Heritage Landing where it all kicks off in 10 short days!  Take a listen and get yourself in on the fun!






If you're there to participate or observe, Saturday June 25th is one of the best days of the year to get up early and be a part of the scene in Muskegon and watch it all happen!  The Trinity Health Seaway Run is an immersive way to show off our community for it's picturesque views, but more over, it's welcoming nature and truly great people who make events like this possible.  We look forward to being a part of the fun at Heritage Landing June 25th and we are truly thankful for the support of Trinity Health of our work and our community!

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