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A week or so ago, we introduced you too a new group in town on Positively Muskegon, who are taking an approach to recovery like they have seen modeled elsewhere.  The idea is "recovery by any means necessary"  and it's a more inclusive way of bringing in people who may be a little intimidated by a 12 Step program or more traditional method of breaking an addiction and making life changes that give a truly new and completely different outcome if held.  Life Align Recovery is a little more like what one of the founders, Nick Scharlow.


Nick found some recovery groups in his time in Ann Arbor that were geared more toward action as opposed to discussion.  That was a big plus for him.  Talking to others about experience, strength and hope is essential.  However, the idea Nick is bringing is along with the support and stability, how about some activity?  Maybe some sober outings?  How about community based work projects to keep people occupied?  A drop in center on Merriam Street, centrally located between Muskegon Heights, Norton Shores and close enough to Muskegon to bring people in.  Holistic healing approaches.  It's a peer to peer non profit working all pathways to recovery.  It's a chance for those who are struggling to find a new way away from the chains that hold them.  One of the things that brought Life Align Recovery to the attention of Step it Up....Shon Cook actually saw Nick out cleaning up needles in an area prone to drug use.  

Nick was able to join us for the Positively Muskegon story, this time he brought alone Steve Thiele who's his partner in the project.  Nancy Rath from Scherdel joins us for the presentation and Shon is enjoying a little time off this week. 


Taking a step to make a change like this is big.  It's frightening to think that you're giving up all you know that is a safety net even though the reality of it is that self medication is part of the problem.  Finding out that you are not alone in addiction is one of the most eye opening moments.  The second one is the realization of the fact that from knowing the isolation is over, steps can be taken to change the one thing that needs to be changed, and that is everything.  We wish Life Align the best and if you'd like to learn more about their work and their mission, please visit them online or at their location at 3375 Merriam.  They have a Grand Opening coming up June 24th.  Might be a good day to drop in.

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