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We introduced you to Sei Bella Tattoo and Spirit 33 about a year ago.  The idea of a tattoo shop that was run by women and kind of broke every stereotype possible when it comes to what's expected in the "traditional tattoo" setting.  Something resonates too, they are generally booked out months in advance for any of their incredible work and the atmosphere in the shop is one of fun, creativity and safe.  It's really a great place for some ink and if you are into the connections with crystals and meditation and mindfulness, Spirit 33 offers that as well.  Let's add in a pretty healthy dose of community support now too.

 With their anniversary and lawn party coming up Sei Bella Tattoo decided that they could use their client base as well as the community to do a little more good than just your standard anniversary party.  With the focus of the shop being female, it's fitting to go with something that would benefit women, and Every Woman's Place is all that and more.  Every Woman's Place has been helping victims of domestic and sexual abuse for over 40 years.  It's one of the kind of agencies we all wish there wasn't a need for, but there is and the services they provide...and the times that they provide them are essential to not only women, but anyone who's seen the horrific side of life at the hands of an abuser.  It could be physical abuse, mental or sexual abuse.  It's a matter of control most of all when abuse happens and Every Woman's Place is there for the victims always.  Muskegon has always found a way to help provide for this organization and Sei Bella is on July 2nd. sblogoSei Bella on Facebook

If you've never been to the shop on Summit in Roosevelt Park,'s clean and nice.  It's got an expansive back yard where you'll find the goings on July 2nd.  Things for kids to do.  Lots of ways to benefit EWP like silent auctions, raffles and more.  There will be plenty to eat and drink, yard can get tattoos (temporary of course) and you can meet the team of this remarkably unique shop were girl power comes with an exclamation point.  

Chrissy Robison runs Sei Bella and Spirit 33.  We went "out back" to where Spirit 33 is on the complex and had a visit.  Elisa Hopper from Every Woman's Place joins us.  Take a listen. 







We're committed to standing behind Every Woman's Place in Muskegon.  It's leading by example like Sei Bella is that shows over and over what a great community we live in and how we always find a way, big or small to make something happen for the essential services in Muskegon that people rely on in times of need.  If you are a fan of incredible skin art, or maybe the crystals and mood stuff is your thing?  Maybe you just want to hang with some super cool people and help support Every Woman's Place?  July 2nd at Sei Bella in Roosevelt Park!  Be there!  

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