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Betten Baker Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC on Henry Street is a great sponsor of ours and one of Muskegon's biggest success stories over the last couple decades.  Their dealerships have grown to reach all over the state of Michigan and that's a testament to getting it right.  It's also a remarkable advantage for those in search of a new or preowned vehicle because even in times when accessing new cars isn't the easiest of tasks, they have the power to find you just what you are looking for.  Add in too, that right here in Muskegon, the dealership and the service department are run by the same people you see at Parties in the Park or at the store or down the street.  Friends and neighbors are still right here working to find you the right vehicle, at the best price and get you into a payment that won't kill ya. 


Friends and neighbors like Andrew Stewart!  Wolf Laker, car dealer and all around cool dude.  Got his start in the sales world at Babbitt's in town and found his way into selling cars after a lifetime of people telling him he should be in sales.  Great energy, incredible knowledge of what he's selling and even more impressive, knowledge about helping people get into a vehicle that might seem out of reach.  To walk on to a car lot today and see the MSRP on some of the vehicles is a bit of a big bite to some.  It's the wealth of knowledge that Andrew's got about manufacturer incentives, rebates, trade in values, finance terms and more that will give you the confidence in your purchase.  You are in really good hands!

On to the car.  It's a brand spankin' new Escalade.  Brother, we're talking top of the line everything.  From the minute you walk up to this car till you sit down and begin to drive, you are in for a treat.  The first thing you notice, the digital EVERYTHING.  Even the rearview mirror has a camera option instead of just the mirror.  The entire dash is a monitor.  On the windshield is all the data you don't need to look down.  In some cases you don't even need to look.  Cadillac has an autonomous system available in some models that can navigate 200,000 miles of roads in the USA.  Driverless cars are here.  In this particular model, it's got a smart cruise control that will handle the stopping, starting and lane navigation for you.  I tried it..but I have to admit...on a quick test drive, I was not ready to let go of the control and I hit the brakes as we came closer to a light.  I am not as adaptive as I thought.

Hop in.  We're going for a ride!  Maria Secord is with us in the back.  She's the driving force behind the Betten Baker outreach.....and a rock star of her own....take a listen.


Ok, so the ride is over and now the waiting starts. See, I want this Cadillac, however allowing Mrs. O to see this first and let her think it's her idea.... that's the way to get this done.  If you on the other hand would like to beat me down to Betten Baker to snap up this absolutely beautiful car and learn even more about it, it's a great day to get in touch with Andrew!  There's a lot more to learn about this car and all of the outstanding vehicles they have on the lot or can order for you.  We're really excited about this chance to help tell the story of Betten Baker in Muskegon.  Sure, they have grown immensely but that is something to be remarkably proud of.  Muskegon's export is the customer service and god standard in vehicle sales!  Make sure to visit Betten Baker ONLINE or stop in and see them on Henry Street in Muskegon!  

BettenBaker Muskegon 2020 C location