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Working with our sponsors is key to what we're trying to accomplish.  Media is a dual purpose endeavor.  Sure, it's news, entertainment and opinion, but media too is a driver for community engagement and when we work with great companies who think like we do when it comes to investing in the programs and services Muskegon needs, well, we are pretty quick to show you what's going on.  Serving local business is an essential part of our work, and Community Choice Credit Union is an amazing partner in that.


A partner in business.  When we fist heard about this local credit union, they were footing the bill for local restaurants in the pandemic.  By footing the bill, we mean paying for everything, all day long.  Orders, food, people whatever it took.  Fed people, kept business moving and really brought some light in to a dark time.  Next up, a back pack giveaway.  Cars lined up for blocks.  Backpacks, school supplies, dinner, treats...all provided free of charge.  Scholarships?  Yup.  Grace Cooper from Spring Lake got a surprise part for hers!  You're getting the point.  Their goal is to give back to the communities they work in and add to the quality of life for the people that live there.

This is why it should be of no surprise to you that during the 2022 Rebel Road event, not only did they sponsor an entire area of entertainment and games for kids and families, they marched right down to the main stage in the middle of the afternoon and presented the Child Abuse Council of Muskegon a check for $5000 on top of all they helped with at the festival.  The commitment of Community Choice Credit Union to the needs of the areas they serve comes through time and time again.  To know that the funding will go to help protect and advocate the children served in Muskegon County who've faced abuse or neglect speaks volumes of the understanding of where the true needs are.

Monica Lee joined us a little earlier in the day before the check presentation to talk about the work that Community Choice Credit Union has been up to since we last saw them with Grace's scholarship.  It was a busy weekend, so everyone is meeting up when they can, there's only so many of us to go around in Muskegon.  Take a listen though and learn more about the commitment to "Giving Big" from Community Choice Credit Union.  


We were proud enough to just share the story way back when Community Choice Credit Union bought the restaurants out for a day.  They found us and learned more and became a sponsor.  It was the realization of common goals that made the relationship work and with the lead of Community Choice Credit Union, take a look at who's being take care of and why.  Building young people with scholarships.  Protecting vulnerable populations like those served by the Child Abuse Council and Every Woman's Place.  Assuring that younger kids have what they need to get back to school and while we're at it, let's spring for dinner too.  Community Choice Credit Union walks the walk when it comes to that first name in their title.  Stop into a local branch today and learn more.   




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